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Super Bowl Sunday: how parents can set expectations & DVR’s for an enjoyable halftime experience

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Can we huddle up to talk about the Super Bowl? On the heels of some typical Grammy performance backlash, I just feel like we should come to a quick consensus about how we’re going to approach the halftime show. I don’t want anyone waking up mad the next day over anything but the fact that the Monday after SB Sunday still isn’t a national holiday. So here’s what we know: historically the most “scandalous” halftime performances have also arguably been the best halftime performances. No disrespect to a shirtless Adam Levine or chill vibes of The Weekend but I’ll take JLo, Shakira, Janet and Justin- wardrobe malfunction & all-over those snooze fests any day. It’s a *performance* after all. give. us. all. you’ve. GOT 👏 to that point, some performances by adult professionals are not entirely appropriate for kids. Let’s use what we know from past experiences and the resources we have available through the joys of modern technology to help us navigate this annual pickle. For instance, I was pumped for Louise to watch the Grammys with me. It’s the joy of my life to have a fellow fan girl to cry over Lizzo’s speech ,sing along to Brandi, cheer as Beyoncé makes history, fawn over Harry & shout with at the TV when Taylor got ROBBED. But I told her from the beginning some peoples avenue of artistic expression would undoubtedly be too much for her innocent little corneas to take in. Enter DVR. I got to enjoy every aspect of the entire show while maintaining the power to skip over parts that were over her 8 year old head-plus no commercials. Win, Win & win. So I’ve got this wild idea that on Sunday we all agree to send the youngsters away during halftime bc y’all this is RIHANNA. “Bad girl Ri Ri” if you will. We know how this goes & we lovvve it. Nobody wants good girl Ri Ri. So if the kids are too young, let’s go ahead & pause it. Send them outside to play a little pick up football game of their own & if she surprises us with wholesome family fun we can bring them back to dance along on rewind. There are a lot of worthy causes to be up in arms about these days, let’s let our girl unite us for a few minutes of, I don’t know…fun? Let’s *find love in this hopeless place*. Let’s *please don’t stop the music* midway through the performance because we didn’t set realistic expectations, or our DVRs ahead of time, mkay? Ok. Moms for Team RiRi, BREAK.

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