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Stand Tall Even When You Aren’t The Star

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Our children need to hear a four-word phrase that is crucial to their development, success, and overall viewpoint on life - “I believe in you.”

When they create play-doh towers that are struggling to stand tall. Or when we have absolutely no idea what it is. Believe in them.

When they draw a self-portrait that looks nothing like them. Believe in them.

When they dream of being a recording artist and write songs that make no sense at all. It’s a process. Believe in them.

Children thrive from our belief in them. When we tell them to dream big and to stand tall. Believe in them.

We should teach them to stand tall when auditioning for the school’s talent show. Believe in them.

Stand tall when trying out for the drama club or the varsity soccer team. Believe in them.

Stand tall when reading the poetry from the notebook that is so well-loved and stained with Cheetos smudges from the late-night writing sessions. Believe in them.

Stand tall when they take their learner’s permit test for the third time. Believe in them.

Stand tall when they bake their famous brownies for the local baking contest. Even IF Victoria wins every single year. Believe in them.

Stand tall when they befriend someone who is sitting alone at the lunch table that everyone labels unpopular or weird. Believe in them.

Stand tall when they try to understand someone’s disability so they can better help them and understand all they have been through. Believe in them.

Stand tall when they are riding the bench during their team’s winning season. Their support is crucial to the success of their team. Believe in them.

Stand tall when they choose Converse and jeans to miniskirts, even if everyone else is wearing them to the Friday night football game. Believe in them.

Stand tall when they don’t desire to date the star football player or head cheerleader. Believe in them.

Stand tall even if people want them to stoop low. Believe in them.

Children thrive from speaking life to them. When we breathe life into them and help them see that they ARE the world-changers.

Be kind even if no one else is doing it.

Open the doors for strangers.

Teach them to be unafraid of being “those kids who attend church.”

Respect authority.

Listen to teachers.

Turn homework in on time.

Don't be an internet bully.

Say yes ma’am and no sir.

Don’t be afraid of being called a teacher’s pet just because they enjoy the subject and want to learn.

Don’t be afraid to laugh at weird things.

Let’s teach them not to wear certain clothes just because of a brand label.

Don’t be afraid to wear something that suits their style and eccentric personality.

Let’s teach them to chase their dreams and put themselves out there. Let’s help them not to fear rejection, for the feeling is one that will set their hearts on fire to continue chasing their dreams at lightning speed.

For our darling children, may we promise to always be in the stands, screaming their name, wearing their sports number on a hand painted t-shirt, and throwing imaginary confetti every time they put themselves out there.

May we be the ones to help them see their name in lights because our encouragement and belief go far beyond what fame or fortune could ever bring.

Babies, we believe in you. ♥️

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