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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

Sometimes I'm a Bad Friend

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Sometimes I’m a bad friend.

I’m sorry I cancel plans at the last minute. I’m sorry I’m not always reliable. I’m sorry I read your texts and sometimes respond hours later.

I’m sorry I say “YES!” whenever things are brought up, only to inevitably later say no when reality checks in for me.

I promise I mean well. I truly do. It’s just that time isn’t solely my own anymore. I’m still adjusting to it myself.

These kids take all of me most days. Am I grateful? OF COURSE. But I can be grateful and tired too. Sometimes there isn’t enough of me to go around.

Mamas have been wearing too many hats this year, but I think I can say we are finally getting the hang of it. (Maybe?)

If you need someone to vent to, I’m here. If you want someone to lean on, call me.

If you show up on my doorstep, I will welcome you in with open arms. As long as you promise to ignore the disaster that is the inside of my home.

I know I may not always seem like best friend material, but I’m still here.

Sometimes I just have puke bowls to clean and floors to mop.

I’m still cheering for you. Still praying for you. Still rooting you on. Still here for you.

I promise.

Sometimes it just has to be from afar.

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