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Some Day

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When the day is new,

The coffee’s on

And the morning’s just begun.

When the house is quiet,

The kids are laughing.

Want to call you on the phone.

When the sky is pink,

The sun is setting.

The clouds are shifting so.

I hear your name,

See your picture,

Hear the radio.

When I feel so sad,

Like a piece,

Will always just be missing.

Not sure who I am,

Who I’m supposed to be

And you’re not here to listen.

Some days

You send me signs,

A message.

Like a note from you to me.

You leave me dimes,

Light the the way,

Open my eyes to see.

And then some days

It all works out,

Just like you said it would.

Like you’ve been here all along,

With me,

the way I wish you could.

So, I’ll just wait,

Right here.

For now.

Wondering what you’d say.

Because I know,

I’ll see you soon.

Some how,


Some day.


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