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Skin Care: Taking care every day is the only way to keep it healthy

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Skin provides covering to the inner organs of the body and muscles, which are delicate enough to have a need of protective shield on it. That’s why skin considered as outer covering of the body. Apart from this, skin is also related with the outer appearance and beauty. Healthy and Glowing Skins attract everyone whereas Rough and Dry Skins are Ignorant to Eyes. Skin Glow magnifies the charm of body and enhances the appearance as well. So, who wouldn’t want to Care and Clean Skin in all way?

Skin damage

Polluted Environment, Dust, Dirt, sunlight, harmful chemicals and aging are common culprits of Skins damaging. From Sun light to Laundry detergent and even with Smoke, everything can affect your skin in adverse way and that can cause Redness to Wrinkles and even Skin Cancer too.

Sunlight is even the biggest cause of skin damage. The ultraviolet rays of the sun affect the skin by damaging, Collagen and Elastin which is essential to keep the Skin Smooth that turns the Skin Rough, Dry and Brown patches on Skin. The Ultraviolet also Damage the DNA by Forming Free Radical from air and Smoke.

Some Harmful Substance that contains Ammonia and Bleach like the Laundry Detergent, Hand wash and Drinks, when get together with Skin can cause red, irritated skin and allergies in the people who are susceptible. Pollution also harms a lot to skin. The dust, smoke and acid rains reacts with sweat of the body and heat the skin that’s lead to skin burn.

Aging is the most irritating and Hateful cause of skin damage. Because you have no control on it as you age old and older your skins loose the elasticity and it behaves hard and harder. It means, your skins lose the ability to snap back into place after you laugh or smile or do any facial expression. As a result your skins are more likely to show curved lines, crashed and wrinkles on face. Aging not only damage the skins of your face but body also. The Wrinkles are likely to come due to increase Dead cell. Older skins are slow in dead cells repair and due to the high Dead cell, the Skins get wrinkle and this is called aging damage of skin. Your Skins also lose fat and became less plump with the age and you will notice age spot and dryness too.

Skin care Tips

Use Suns cream and Lotion before going under burning sun. the suns cream act as a protective shield by making a layer above the screen to prevent the direct contact with Harmful UV rays. You should wisely choose the High Quality and safest Cream and Lotion.

Dust and Dirt being pollution Ingredients affect the Skins. It leads to Infection, Defoliation and Skin roughness. If not washed with water at regular interval it may cause red spots and etching on skin. As it’s impossible to cover all your Skins, So Cleaning and washing are the things that work against them.

If you ask a woman of a certain age that, what you want more? Then you will get answer that “looking younger” at the top of her wish list. Looking younger is not difficult and easily possible, if your Skin looks glowing and healthy. But with the age, wrinkles and curves are natural to came out. If you are too worried about those Wrinkles and Lines, Do not worry, by use of proper anti aging Cream, you can heel your Skin and Look younger and more gorgeous than the your age group. Read the anti Aging products from a Beauty Expert who will advice and prescribe about anti aging skin care treatment and product to use likely to enhance your skin beauty and give you attractive Glowing skins

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