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Challenge: Extraordinary Teachers

Skeletons On The Ground

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As I am waiting for the elevator at Venetian Hotel (only because I got off on the wrong floor), I see a women getting out of the elevator that looks very familiar. Then it hit me...that is Miss Verbon!!! I stopped her, made sure it was really Miss Linda Verbon, and told her my name. Then instantly the hugs came and 10 minutes of catching up on life and school. Work came to a stop because I just almost literally ran into my kindergarten teacher.

Of course she was as gracious as ever. Stopping to talk to an old student 30 years after she taught her. I was honored she asked me to come by, see the school, see my old teachers, and even speak to her current students.

Miss Linda Verbon teaches kindergarten at Meadows School in Las Vegas, Nevada. When I Iook back on my elementary school memories, she along with 4 other teachers have made an impact on my life. I remember as a 5 year old girl Miss Verbon being so kind. She was stern on learning, but embraced everyone's individuality. When I had to test to get into Meadows, they asked all the kids the draw a skeleton. I was the kid that just started drawing squiggly lines all over a piece of paper. Miss Verbon sits next to me, asks me what I was drawing, and then I explained to her it was a skeleton. At that moment, my mom thought there was no way I got in the school. At that moment Miss Verbon asked politely: is that a skeleton? Which my reply was: it's skeleton bones scattered all over the ground. Mis Verbon smiled, walked away, and I was accepted into Meadows School.

Miss Linda Verbon will be celebrating her 50th year of teaching next year. In this current school system, it is few and far between to find quality teachers who care about their kids. It's hard to find a teacher who accepts a child who's imagination that goes beyond the curriculum. A teacher who 30 years later still remembers her student and invites that student to visit. In a world where the normal is to do the job and that job only, Miss Linda Verbon still goes above and beyond. Not only to set up her current kindergarten class for a successful future, but takes pride and interest in the success of her kids she's ever taught.

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