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Single Moms are Real Life Superheroes

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Nearly the last half of my childhood, my siblings and I were raised by a single mother.

I never truly recognized the depth of her sacrifice until I became an adult, and then, I felt it on an even deeper level as I became a mother.

She worked nights, worked in factories, and went back to school. At one point, she didn’t even have her own room.

I’m sure I wasn’t thanking her every second. I’m sure I wasn’t realizing that every ounce of her work was for us. Every ounce of her time and money was for us. Every ounce of her everything was for us.

She taught herself how to fix things. She hardly slept. She rarely complained.

She just...did it.

When I thank her now...she shrugs it off. She will say things like “I wish I could have done more, been more...”

What a mom thing to say.

Maybe you grew up with a single mom, and the situation was slightly different, but I bet her heart was the same. She was being two people for you, and you didn’t even realize it. She too probably wasn’t sure it would be enough, but was going to try to give her everything for you anyway.

But it was enough. Thank your mom. Hug your mom. Love on your mom.

And, if you are currently a single mom yourself...I can promise you that one day they will get it. One day they will see you poured out more than you knew you had in you for them. All that you are giving right now matters, even when no one else sees it. Even when no one else understands.

We know you don’t do it for a thank you, but thank you.

You are real life superheroes, and you are so valued.

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