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Challenge: Summer Fun

Simply Summer

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I have that friend - the one that posts on Facebook groups pretty much every weekend looking for "new and unique things to do with the kids." Usually after 10 comments of people suggesting different parks, pools, museums and gyms, she responds saying that they've already done all of those and needs something "new" to entertain her kids. I'm guessing what she really means is she is bored and looking for something new for her. I totally get it: a 30-something year old isn't as amused playing with a water table. But you know who is? Kids. And how can you not be amused watching your kids smile and stare in amazement as the water flows through the spinners. This is what I want out of summer: for my kids to enjoy as much of it as possible without needing to go anywhere fancy or doing anything special. We have a park nearby, a yard with a water table and sprinkler. We have a wagon and tricycles and balls and crayons. This is what I think of when I think back to my childhood. A great day would be when we got to pick a treat from the ice cream truck or a friend would come over and we would build forts. The presence of social media has moms one-upping each other, competing about who took their kids to the coolest place and then posting and bragging about how cool of a mom they are. Why don't I do that? I'd rather spend time with my kids. Instead of taking pictures, I'd rather run around with them at the splash pad, getting soaked in my unflattering bathing suit with my stretchmarks and mommy belly. I don't want to be a spectator on the sidelines of my kids' lives, I want to be right there with them enjoying each moment through their eyes and not the lens of my camera. So to my friend who's looking for something to keep her kids from being bored, stop thinking about yourself and start thinking like a kid. A little imaginations can go a long way.

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