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Challenge: Life Changes

A Corporate Office to a Backyard Barn - Everything changed except my heels!

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My ultimate career goal since I was little was to build a business on my own, to start something that would have the possibility to change the world. I was always looking for that one special thing that could make a difference if I created it but it wasn't until I stopped looking, left my Corporate job and became a Stay at Home MOM that I discovered my passion and to my surprise that a business could grow from a backyard barn.

One night we were having dinner and my oldest son, Jake, was complaining about the food on the table "yuck", "I don't want this", and then all his little sisters started chiming in. I looked at him and thought I have heard this enough I need to do something about it. As much as I had tried to educate him, he and his younger sisters had no idea that food is something that not everyone has. I then put the baby on my hip and told all the older kids to get in the car. I can remember thinking okay what next....

We got in the car and started driving. It was about 7pm at night now and I asked Jake to begin googling food banks to see if there was somewhere we could go. Everything was closed but we did find a parking that serves food to the homeless on Sunday's and began making our plan to go back. It's funny because I remember thinking I was punishing the kids by making them talk, think and plan how we were going to help feed the homeless but they felt just the opposite they were excited and wanted to help in so many ways!

It was that week that I discovered that kids want to help they just need opportunity, they need to know about needs that exist in the world otherwise they don't understand why it is wrong to complain about the food on the table. That week WeeWork was born!

WeeWork has since inspired compassion in over 10,000 children around the country and is just getting started in reaching children around the world. We shipped our first activity kit to the UK last week.

The gift of discovering my passion and finding my ultimate career came from my children when I least expected it. My close friend and partner, also a Mother of 5 was having the same issues with her children as I, and since we have spent countless hours together in my backyard barn preparing and planning ways we would help those in need in our community.

I always had a hard time kicking off my heels and putting on my boots when working down in the barn but then again finding my passion wasn't easier either. My career changed drastically for the better when I became a Mom and I'm convinced without my kids I'd still be looking.

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