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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

Self-preservation and self-maintenance are necessary steps towards self-improvement

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I'm a 12-minute mile on a good day.

On a bad day, the only thing I run towards is the fridge.

I'm an over-priced iced coffee each and every morning,

I'm a whole block of cheese


I'm in bed by 12 and up by 6.

I'm an I never make my bed...not really ever.

I'm an I’ve got a lot to say but get anxiety just thinking about sayin' any of it.

I'm easily stressed and don't know how to rest.

I'm "A glass of wine?" "Oh, sure -- that sounds mighty fine!"

I'm a wanna get it all done, but will always prioritize fun.

I'm quirky and weird, with plenty of semi-irrational fears.

I'm not a model




or human,

but I'm smart enough to know this:

You make small improvements where you can and where you can't, well, you eventually will, and until then, you have patience and give yourself grace.

‘Cause when we

screw up,

or don't show up,

or show up, but it ain't a "glow-up,"

we're still okay. We’re still doing just fine.

A 12-minute mile ain't nothing to write home about, and neither is the fact that I could win a charcuterie eating contest or a wine-drinking competition. And even if I did write home about it, mama wouldn't be too proud, I don't think.

Except that she probably would.

Because self-preservation and self-maintenance is a necessary step towards self-improvement.

Being a better version of yourself isn't

a race

and it's not a sprint

and it's not about reaching the finish line any earlier than your life journey intends for you.

You're not in competition with anyone, and you're damn sure not in competition with yourself.

When you realize this and accept and love yourself as you are while taking baby steps to improve upon who that is, you win the battle between

who you believe you must be


respecting and valuing who you already are,

and that, my friends, is how you win at life — especially when life has you living through year two of a pandemic.

Just my opinion, of course, but I think it’s a relatable one.

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