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Challenge: I Feel Bad About...

Santa... I would Like A Fire Truck For Christmas

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If you have or had toddlers at any point you know two things. 1) You never know what they might say and 2) their tiny little voices with their undeveloped vocabulary can be adorable or not.

My two year old son at the time had a really hard time pronouncing his T sounds correctly. He made just about everything that sounded like a T, into an F. Fast forward to our mini family vacation to Santa's Village in New Hampshire.

Well of course you can not visit Santa's Village without visiting Santa and telling him what you would like for Christmas. I really had no idea what my little guy wanted for Christmas because it was only August and I hadn't asked him yet. Lesson learned!

It is finally our turn and his face was lit up with such joy. He just couldn't wait to see Santa. Then Santa asks the important question, "And what would you like for Christmas Travis?" His response was as loud and proud as could be:

"I WANT A FIRE TR UCK!" However now you need to replace the TR with an F! Yup he just yelled to Santa and anyone within 20 yards what he wanted. I nearly died, even more so after Santa asked me, "did he just say what I think he said?" I could only laugh and walk away as my face was a brighter shade of red than Santa's suit.

It is adorable now, and I love telling the story, but in that moment I knew this event would go down as a #parentfail.


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