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Challenge: Parent Fails

Road Trip With A Toddler= Meltdown Hell

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One car, four adults, and two kids started their journey to Las Vegas on a lovely morning.

The first couple of hours of our drive were fun, we looked for trains and screamed every time a big truck went by our car. We snacked on the thousands of snacks, sang our way to the border of California.
We entered Nevada, and all hell broke loose. My little toddler fell asleep, hallelujah! I saw her eyes shut, and in that moment I felt relief. Our drive should be smooth sailing from that moment on.
We stopped to have a bathroom break, and my stepson decided to scream he didn't have to go. In the loudest voice possible he bantered with us back and forth.
But as a parent, you insist they must go. Long story short, between the back and forth the toddler, woke up.
She wasn't a cute toddler at this point. She was a screaming animal. You know when your kid is pissed off, and you can't do anything right.
Touch her she screams "NO," rub their back and try to "shhh her" and her screams become more intense. My mom powers were not working.
The whole car sat their in silence. The only sound we heard, was a toddler screaming her lungs to the ultimate level, her face was red as a tomato and the sweat beads were bouncing off her forehead.
20 minutes later, my devilish toddler soon fell ill to tiredness and fell fast asleep.

She slept for two straight glorious hours, and mom won the battle!


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