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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Rediscovered Old Traditions Thanks To Life's Modern Problems

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Remember the old days of TV when... Your favorite Holiday Movies only played once a year, and the "After School Special' aired in the afternoon, and Saturday Morning cartoons were only available, well, on Saturday mornings.

I believe we both gained and lost something special when watching shows evolved into on-demand entertainment. It's so convenient, and we never have to miss an episode, or a game, or soaps during the day. We went from Tivo'ing everything to binge-watching entire seasons. As a Mom I'm grateful that I can pull up a captivating kids program when I need to make a phone call and my little one needs to be kept entertained. But, this year I've found the magic in having to wait for special things to happen again, and that has shaped my thinking about how my kids could be missing out on something I really enjoyed as a kid: Anticipation.


I'd love to hear your though about this, and let me know if it's something you've embraced lately too. From a special home-cooked dinner to an exciting weekly mystery series, we have found a way to bring back the positive part of waiting.

Here are a few things we enjoy waiting for together at home & find real joy in doing them together when the anticipated event happens:

Friday Family Night - We watch our favorite show & order pizza for dinner. We try a new pizza place each week & sit together for the next episode of Secrets of Sulphur Springs on Disney Channel (It's a cliff-hanger every week!)

Wrestling - Yep we watch wrestling. I know that WWE was a thing of the 90's but I think they were on to something. It's fun to watch & follow a spot together as a family. My fam tunes in to Sumo Wresting on Japanese News channel NHK Worldwide. The Sumo season starts in January.

Sunday Morning Quiet Catch Up - My daughter found me quietly enjoying one of my favorite ways to wrap up the news week and start the new week on a positive note. I'm referring to CBS Sunday Morning with veteran journalist Jayne Pauley. Every episode begins with trumpet fanfare played by a rotation of special musicians and the familiar logo of the sun is painted or crafted in some new artsy presentation. I just love it! And now so does my 12 year old. Each Sunday we can't wait to watch it together. Or a better way to way it is that, we do wait to watch it together.

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