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Challenge: I Feel Bad About...

Parents, instead of our mistakes, here's what we should keep track of

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You guys, my kid was the only second-grader who didn’t have a pumpkin for his party at school yesterday.

No surprise, really.

Just put it on the list of ways I jack this motherhood thing up EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I forgot to sign their planners again?

Put it on the list.


I missed the memo that soccer practice was cancelled today?

Put it on the list.

I made them late to basketball?

Put it on the list.

I left the wet laundry in the washer too long so it smells like mildew?

Put it on the list.

I was snippy and rushing them through bedtime…again…because I’m tired and worn out and D.O.N.E with this day??

Yeah, I know. Just put that on the list too!!!

It is SO EASY to focus on all the things I do wrong.

Those are the things I tend to remember after the house is quiet. And that’s when the guilt sets in and a little voice whispers, “You’re doing this all wrong.”

I bet you do that, too. I bet you get so focused on all the jacked-up parts that you completely forget to notice the beauty. Your successes. All the things you are probably nailing every single day.

I know I do. I am my own worst critic.

But you know what I really think???

Every single one of us is doing the best we can.

Me. You. Your neighbor. That lady down the street who ALWAYS seems to have it together. That mom who asks you week after week if you can drive her kid to basketball because she is working.


Our circumstances may look a little different. We may jack up completely different parts of this job. But mostly we are all just trying to do our best to raise up these amazing kids the best way we know how!

Let’s remember to look at the beauty. Our successes. All the ways we are nailing this motherhood thing!

Now that’s a list worth keeping!

Like today I played a million hands of UNO with my 5-year-old while Lizzy napped and whenever I lost he’d holler “Loser!!!” then run like crazy as I chased him into the living room and tickled him on the couch.

Put that on the list!

Tonight I drove from guitar practice to basketball practice to yet another basketball practice with two little people in tow.

Put that on the list!

At bedtime my little girl who I’d just been snippy with threw her little arms around my neck and said, “Mommy, snuggle me” like she always does. And I did, like I always do.

Put that on the list!

After the big boys got home from basketball I stayed up to talk with them about school and video games and vines and friends and weekend plans even though I was so D.O.N.E with this day and wanted so desperately to get in the bath for a few minutes of quiet.

Put that on the list!

And that poor pumpkin-less second-grader melted my heart when he brought a light-up snow globe with a nativity scene to bed and told me when the light is on that means Jesus is here…so we prayed together in the glow of that light and I’ll never forget his sweet face. I kissed him then and said, “You’re such a good kid!” to which he replied, “You’re such good grown-up!”

That’s going on the list for sure!

You guys.

We are nailing it!

Yes, we are jacking a bunch of it up too but just for today let’s focus on the positive!!!

What’s going on your list today?

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