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Challenge: Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Campaign

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October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. The numbers are staggering, yet many people are still reluctant to talk about their losses and their grief process. I created this PAIL Awareness Campaign to help inspire and empower others to speak about their loss, grieve on their own terms, and find peace in knowing they aren't alone.

Talk about it. Talk about your baby. Talk about your sadness. Talk about your thoughts and feelings. You are not alone- at all. Feel free to share. You never know who is struggling in silence. We are here for you, and we hope we can inspire and encourage you with our words of wisdom.


From Becky: "After an uphill battle to get pregnant, we thought everything was finally on the right path. On the same week we planned on sharing our news at the end of my first trimester. That plan quickly changed after my appointment to find out we had a miscarriage. Life isn’t always fair. My Dr. told me that “you’d be surprised the people who come out of the woodwork when this happens”. Boy was she right. We were very fortunate to have friends and family who’ve shared their experiences and given us love & support. Reach out to others and don’t be afraid to talk. Make sure to take time for yourself. Don’t worry about being selfish or if people judge you. Love yourself grow through the struggles."


From Rachel: "On Wednesday, December 9, 2015 I went in for my 36 week check up. My doctor couldn't find my daughter's heartbeat so he sent me to the hospital to have them do a scan. The hospital confirmed my greatest fear, my daughter was no longer with us, her heart was no longer beating. Up until this point, I had a normal "text book" pregnancy. I had still been feeling movement so I thought everything was okay. I apparently had been feeling braxton-hicks contractions. This was my first pregnancy so I couldn't tell the difference. At this point, they induced labor and 18 hours of labor later, on Thursday December 10, 2015, I delivered my sleeping angel Blakely Ann. We opted for all the possible tests and they all came back normal so we still do not know what caused Blakely to be born sleeping. We got to spend time with her so we could kiss and hold her and I cherish that short time we got with her everyday. My husband and I couldn't bear to bury a child, so Blakely was cremated and she is with us everyday. Our rainbow baby boy was born August 2017."


From Matt: "Miscarriage from the fathers shoes can be a bit difficult to handle. Having dealt with it twice, the feeling of loss never got easier. Not only do you have to learn to tackle your own emotions, but you have to be strong for your spouse. Often times I found myself just hiding my own feelings, so I could be strong for her. I just had to remind myself that it was my loss too."


From Me (Stefanie): "We lost our first pregnancy, a molar pregnancy at 10 weeks pregnant in August 2012. After months of tedious blood work, we were cleared to try again, and we were able to have our rainbow baby in January 2014. In 2016 we had another devastating loss- this time at 22 weeks pregnant. We found out at our 20 week scan that our baby girl, Greer, had Turners Syndrome, and her's was incompatible with life. We were completely blind-sighted. It was the worst appointment in our lives. Rainbows do come after rain though, and we welcomed another baby boy to our family in 2017."

Take a look at 11 other personal stories, and words of wisdom Here. This campaign is a true labor of love for me, and I really hope you find peace and healing.

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