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Challenge: Start Today: Healthy Habits

Preach & Teach: Why More Parents Should Follow Their Own Healthy Advice

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I have a problem. I feel it's becoming a health problem. I've done a fine job of keeping my kids healthy and have taught them much about "it" and how it can effect their health. We talk "pushing away the screen", no technology before bed and limiting our intake of time spent using "it." I'm really great at giving advice but a little slow on following the advice I give. Starting today, that's changing. Today is the day. Why now, you ask? And what's my problem, you ask?

The little box and all its magic powers that come alive when you turn it on have been staring to weigh on my mind, my feelings and my worth as a person. These are the very reasons I've done everything in my power to shield my oldest kids from the unhealthy habit of social media and technology. Truly, a double edge sword, I'm drawn to it's fascinating creative abilities, social interactions and the perfect picture worlds that are created by people just like me. But as an adult, I should know better. I should know that everything isn't always what it seems. I should know that I'm not always invited to everything. I should know that other people have things I might want. I should know that sometimes people lie. I should know that it's all just for show. I should know better. But I don't. And I'm a 30-something Mom who reads social media like a bible and feels the same way as I did when I was 13 and didn't get invited to a friends birthday when I see the picture pop up in my feed.

What kind of healthy example am I setting for my daughters who are watching me check my phone every 5 minutes? Scrolling through A BUNCH OF NOTHING rather than pay attention to something they want to tell me. I should know better. They are watching me do exactly the opposite of what I tell them not to do. They all are.

I'm going to start today by taking my own advice. I'm going to follow my own rules. Limiting screen time. No technology before bed. No constant scrolling of unnecessary status' and no feeling bad about things I wasn't invited to.

Growing up is hard enough and dangling the multi-layered social media cake in front of kids is hard to resist diving into. Social media & technology are here to stay, but so are family dinners, get togethers with friends and real conversations. I want to lay the foundation for my kids to that they know it's not necessary to tell everyone what you are doing all the time. It's ok to not be friends with everyone. It's ok that others have her togethers without you. It's ok to just live your life and have all the fun being present in the lives of the people you love.

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