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6 Reasons I Love Social Media Without Shame

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So many people have created a goal to "put down their phones" or "stay off social media", and, similar to cutting back on coffee, I just don't understand it. When my kids are sleeping, all I want to do is go on social media.


Here are six reasons I love it without shame:

1) Scrolling social media can be done while laying in bed with minimal movement. It's the perfect activity for easing into your day or relaxing before bed.

2) Social media lets you know if the people you love are still alive. You might not have talked to them in weeks, but liking photos on Instagram or sharing articles on Facebook is PROOF OF LIFE.

3) Checking social media gives users like me an odd sense of accomplishment. Like, HECK YES I was productive! I know everything that's going on in the world.

4) Do you know how many crafts, activities, or parties have been planned thanks to the outpouring of creativity on Pinterest? I always leave feeling inspired and CRAFTY.

5) If you're having a bad day, a hashtag search may be the boost you need. A simple browse through the "#momguilt" results and I am reminded that there's a whole lotta mamas battling the exact same thing.

6) You know that you're allowed to love more than just your kids, right? In fact, loving more than just your kids can help you love them better.

And so, without shame, I’m going to maintain my love for social media while many of you are choosing to resist it. I also hope to maintain my coffee addiction and anything else that makes me feel cozy, inspired, and happy.

I hope you have something that makes you feel these things, too. But not just that, I hope you strive to love them without shame!

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