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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

I've got a mom crush

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I've got a mom crush.

I probably shouldn't admit it.

I'm crushin' on the way you love your kids and how effortlessly you seem to handle all of the craziness.

I'm crushin' on your patience and wondering where in the hell you keep finding such a plethora of it.

I'm crushin' on your lifestyle and your grass which looks quite a bit greener than mine.

I'm crushin' on your presence and am uber-curious about how you fight distraction and maintain it.

I'm crushin' on you working outside of your home and climbing that career ladder.

I'm crushin' on your work-from-home business and ponder if that kind of gig would work for me.

I'm crushin' on your stay-at-home mom status and how you wear that role like a badge of honor, as you damn well should.

I'm crushin' on your self-worth. How did you develop it, and how do you maintain it?

I'm crushin' on your confidence and hoping that, perhaps, you could lend me some?

I'm crushin' on your tidy home, Pinterest-worthy kid lunches, and how you manage to keep up with your fam's laundry.

I'm crushin' on your marriage. Is it really as enjoyable and comfortable as it looks?

I'm crushin' on the size of your heart. I've never seen another woman, so for other women.

I'm crushin' on your strength. Where do you get it from?

I'm crushin' on your faith and being sure to keep mine.

You see --

I've got a mom crush, because you, mama, well, you're worth being crushed on.

I know that.

I've made that clear.

But do you know that?

You probably don't.

And, in fact, you've probably got a mom crush.

Maybe you're scared to admit it.

Perhaps you crush on the mom who doesn't feel the need to wear makeup or look "put-together" at all times.

Maybe you crush on the mom who regularly rocks a rotation of leggings and oversized shirts with zero shame.

Perhaps you crush on the mom who takes her tired butt to the gym every day, and you wonder if you should do the same.

Maybe you crush on the mom who does yoga, but you can't for the life of you find your zen.

Perhaps you crush on the mom who leads the PTA, working for her kids' benefit and giving back to the school that is giving so much to her children.

Maybe you crush on the mom who has lots of mom friends and question why it is that you struggle socially.

Perhaps you crush on any mom who is socially gregarious and an extrovert and ask yourself why in the heck you're so introverted.

Maybe you crush on the mom who is celebrating fifteen years of marriage to her hunky hubs.

Perhaps you crush on the newly single mom and the chance to date again.

Maybe you crush on the mom who has a spectacularly supportive village.

Perhaps you crush on the mom who, impressively, is her own village.

The truth?

Well, it's that most of us, we've got a mom crush, because so many freakin' mamas are worth being crushed on.

I know that.

I've made that clear.

But do you know that?

I hope you realize that now and you're not scared to admit it.

Because while you're crushin' on


the mom in front of you in the grocery store line,

another mom on Facebook,

your neighbor,

a celebrity mom,


any other powerful and admirable woman in your real or digital life,

the fact is that there's a solid likelihood that she's crushin' on





I've got a mom crush, and I admit it.

Will you join me and do the same?

'Cause, possibly, if we each share how freakin' inspired we are by one another, we'll stop competing against each other and instead, just love and support every badass mother roaming this Earth.

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