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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Planning For International Travel With the Kiddos

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If you're planning that next big family trip, it's important that you get your ducks in a row. This is particularly the case if you're taking a leap across the ocean into another country.

Rather than panicking and bogging your trip down with stress, give yourself lots of time to plan it all out.

With this in mind, nail down these three suggestions and your international travel will be a breeze.

Research Where You're Going and Catch Your Kids Up on What to Expect

Taking your kids to other countries to take in the cultures and customs of others allows you to grow your kids' world and open their minds. To help them get the most out of the trip, get a heads up of your own by researching the country you're going to.

Start by figuring out issues pertaining to safety, weather and travel conditions so that you pick somewhere that is good for the family. From there, learn a bit about things to do and what you can experience.

This way, you can get your kids excited as you start the countdown. For bonus points, brush up on the language so that you and your family can try to make conversation once you get there.

Handle Your Travel Documents Way in Advance

Seriously, never shoot yourself in the foot by waiting too long to arrange your travel documents.

The passport is the most important document you'll need to get if you're traveling internationally. A regular passport might have a return time of 4 to 6 weeks, while expedited passports can be made in as little as a day.

Since traveling with kids can get stressful, consider getting a TSA precheck pass. This way, you can fill out some documentation in advance and pay a small fee in order to breeze through lines. This gets your check-ins down to a fraction of the time it would normally take, and takes a huge stress burden away.

Invest in Good Luggage and Pack Wisely

Do yourself a huge favor and invest in some heavy duty luggage.

When you have luggage that is solid and sturdy, breezing through the airport won't be an issue. You'll be able to pack all your travel clothes and belongings neatly and won't fiddle with flimsy zippers.

Make sure that you also take your time when packing so you don't forget anything important. Create a spreadsheet and checklist and give your kids' bags a double and triple check to be on the safe side.

Consider these tips and you'll be able to travel internationally with ease.

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