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Avoid These 5 Travel Mistakes When Planning Your Next Vacation

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Even if you are on a first trip or travel frequently, it is ordinary to make a few silly mistakes. But sometimes these mistakes can ruin your trip and even make your travel experience worst. In order to enjoy your vacation you need to avoid some common pitfalls with a little planning. Make sure to avoid the following travel mistakes.


1. Overpacking

Exceeding the weight limit can make you stuck with heavy baggage fees. Pack your bag as usual rather than overloading it with extra and unwanted things. No need to sacrifice style. Just take out extra clothes you initially planned.

Pack only the necessary and useful things or items. Purchase the rest at your destination. Have a review after packing everything and further try to minimize the load. Explore the list of 15 things you don’t need to pack to avoid carrying additional weight.

2. Not Having Travel Insurance

4 out of 5 Americans do not use travel insurance when traveling outside the US. They are unaware of the fact that their medical coverage does not protect them out of their country. Travel insurance involves some of the medical expenses benefits as well.

In case your own health insurance policy does not cover you outside your country then emergency medical expenses are also covered in some travel insurance plans.

Let us discuss the key benefits of buying a travel insurance.

  • Provide fast assistance when passport gets misplaced.
  • Offers basic requirements in case your luggage is lost.
  • Gives maximum coverage at minimum cost.
  • Supply meal reimbursements in case your flight gets delayed.
  • You can get back home safely in case of a disaster.
  • It saves your money while cancellation of your ticket.
  • Provide coverage for legal liabilities.

3. Neglecting the Budget & Running Out of Money

Make a practical budget you can stick to and be prepared for unexpected expenses. If wandering long term, plan weekly transfers from your nest egg to your survey like a paycheck, to know exactly about the details of your future investments.

Estimate carefully the amount of money you can afford to spend. Plan your journey during the off season. Look for various packaged deals. Prefer to use connecting flights as it cuts cost.

4. Not Checking Your Mobile Plan

Avoid data roaming fees by knowing exactly about your data plan. Leave your cell phone either in airplane mode or turn off your data before you get on the plane. Still you will quite be able to connect to wi-fi.

You can avail an international plan or can purchase a local sim card if data is more important to you.

Take a text messaging package such as Global Messaging Packages that ranges from $10 per month for 50 messages sent from more than 150 countries.

Carry the right gadgets including myCharge and New Trent‘s rechargeable, GoSwype microfiber cleaning cloths and portable battery packs.

5. Not Making Copies of Essential Documents

Have a backup plan. Always carry two hard copies of important documents like IDs, credit cards, travel insurance policy, visa, passport etc with you.

Possibly you can have a soft copy in the form of a password protected .pdf on an email account. You can also keep them safe on a memory stick or online cloud. Just in case, if you lose the hard copies & the original ones then you can easily access the required documentation and fasten the renewal process.

Next time you are out for traveling, ensure not to commit these mistakes. Happy journey!

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