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Challenge: Happy Birthday!

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

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Ahoy, maties! I had so much fun planning my son’s first birthday party…..A Piiiiirate Birthday Parrrrty! I wasn’t really planning on throwing a party for my one year old, seemed kind of silly to me, but my friends and family encouraged me to and I’m so glad I did. We created lots of great memories! I did it on a tight budget and everything worked out just perfect. Once I decide to do something, I give it my all. Here’s what I came up with me hearties….

First, I started by jotting down my thoughts, ideas and to do list.

We decided to rent our community clubhouse and have a pizza and pool party. Ordering pizza worked out great because it was delivered and easily cleaned up, yes please! Having the pool was nice to entertain the kiddos.

Second, I created FREE online birthday invitations via I chose Minted but there are lots out there. Google search ‘free online birthday invitations.’


Third, I needed a pirate hat. I had trouble finding one to fit my little guy so I decided to make one. I traced and cut two pieces of black felt and used safety pins to hook the pieces of felt together. I had plans to put the number one on it with white felt but I decided not to use the hat. Target has a great pirate party section and I found a pirate hat there that I really liked for $2. So I went with it.

Fourth, I decided on party favors for the visiting kiddos ranging in ages from two to twelve. I had fun with this. I knew I wanted to have pirate gear but couldn’t spend a lot of money. So I went with eye patches, glow stick swords, Pirate’s Booty puffs, gold coins and a fabric headband/belt.

For the pirate headbands/belts, I purchased red fabric and simply cut it into two-inch strips and the kiddos tied it around their heads or waists to hold their swords. I purchased the fabric at Michael’s Craft Store. It was $10 but I got it for $5 with a coupon. I labeled this table as “Pirate’s Loot.” I had it by the door and the kiddos got their garb as they came into the party. We had some fun pirate battles going on! I added balloons and Beware of Pirates banner that I got at a local party store and it was just perfect!

Fifth, I decided on a menu and wanted to label the food items. I made pirate labels using card stock that I cut in half twice and folded to create a teepee. I used pirate stickers to decorate the labels. I google searched ‘pirate lingo’ to help me come up with label ideas. These turned out really cute and I enjoyed making them!

Party Menu:

  • Pieces of Eight= Pizza
  • Pirate Loot= Party favors
  • Shark Bait= Cupcakes
  • Pirate’s Booty= Pirate’s Booty Puffs
  • Pirate Juice= Blue Gatorade with Swedish fish
  • Spirits= Adult Beverages
  • Fruity Booty= Fruit tray
  • Cucumbarrr Water= Cucumber + Mint water
  • Catch of the Day= Goldfish crackers

Sixth, Pirate decorations. I bought a giant number one balloon, which I highly recommend. It was so fun and my son loved it. I attached it to the back of his high chair. I also had pirate themed balloons. I found some Beware of Pirates streamer and a pirate flag at a party store. I got the Happy Birthday banner and my banner making materials from Target. I made the ONE and ARGH banners using felt shapes and stick on felt letters. I love how they turned out! I used pirate paper plates and pirate napkins for serving.

Seventh, We needed a pirate ship and table for presents! My son got a pirate ship water table for his birthday. It was a big hit!

Eighth, What’s a party without cake?! Luckily I have a very talented sister-n-law that made the pirate face smash cake for my son. I made the cupcakes. I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with blue vanilla frosting. I was so excited to find this frosting. I put gold coins and pirate flags on the chocolate and fish sprinkles on the vanilla. Loved this!!

Ninth, I needed to take pictures of my ideas coming together. I wish I would have made more time to take pics, once the party starts, photo ops are limited!

Tenth, We welcomed friends and family to celebrate with us and shiver me timbers, it was so much fun!

Arrrgh, things that made me say arrrgh:

  1. I was crazy busy until the very last second and didn’t get to take a shower before the party.
  2. My pirate ship fruit bowl was a failure.
  3. I didn’t get a pic of my cucumbarrr water, it was so pretty and yummy!
  4. The awesome and expensive number one balloon, was accidentally let go outside.

What’s a pirate party without a few arrrghs?! It was an awesome party and my sweet baby boy had a blast. Yo Ho Ho, give it a try and let me know how it go!

Here’s luck and a fair wind to you,


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