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Photo Walk - A Fun, Fall, Kid-Friendly Activity

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We love strolling around our little town - especially in the Fall! The weather cools off, the leaves change, & everyone has festive decor out. Going for a walk as a family can be so fun, but we like to add a little twist...

Go on a family photo walk!

The first time that we did this, I was so surprised at the results. My boys were into it, & they got some amazing captures!

We took along my big camera, my iPhone, & the old iPhone. That way me & each of the boys could have a camera to use (because I had just as much fun taking pictures as they did!)

Julian was pretty young the first time that we went so he was mostly just happy to be outside exploring, but Matteo was so cute to watch! He would go up on his tippy toes or crouch down to get just the angle that he was looking for. He didn’t take multiple shots of one thing… he would line up the image how he wanted it & then take one snap.


I had no idea how any of his pictures would turn out, but when I checked my camera I was super impressed! I loved seeing his take on the world, & his images were beautiful. I have the flower one as my iPhone wallpaper right now, & it looks like something I would download from a wallpaper app.

I posted some of my favorites below. He took all of these himself! I just added some filters after the fact 🙂










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