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Parents: How Do You Deal With Bullying?

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I want to teach my daughter, Bianca, that there are so many good people in the world that believe in love, acceptance.

That bullying is a byproduct of fear, of intimidation. I want her to understand about diversity, and in turn, she can show others, compassion, self-confidence, being true to self is essential. Now is the time to shine brightly. That differences can be incredible in the realm that they can be similar.

Today, I wrote her a poem. Yesterday afternoon she had come home crying. Through tears she shared her story, of how a boy touched her inappropriately. As I listen to her, she shared how she handled the situation. In her precious ten years of her life, I have taught her how to value her mind, body and soul.

How to stand up for herself and others whom were being bullied by others.

You Can Act Like a Mood | Found Poem


This is one of my pet peeves.
If I had a dollar for every time someone
said to me “you have a hard shell, or you’re not a poet,” I’d have a college fund for Bianca.

Eventually, someone will tell Bianca she isn’t
“allowed to be herself or she shouldn’t respect herself or dream big dreams” or whatever—
but that’s the type of nonsense that keeps little girls victims.

It’s silly to believe people should act a certain way
or refrain from self-confidence, because of their emotions or character.

Manipulation is an aphrodisiac to some,

Try bottling butterfly— watch it die.

By antiquated stereotypes of some people,
I’m sure some wouldn’t expect a single mom who
looks and writes like me to be a respected
voice/author in the realm of professional poets, but here I am.

My position in life is to teach Bianca
that the sky isn’t the limit for her, there is more and dreams are the reality.

I want Bianca to own it, show it, and flaunt it respectfully.

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