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Parents, how are our kids driving already?

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Weren’t we just cradling our little ones in our arms?

How is it possible that their legs became long enough to reach the accelerator?

But I guess, our little ones are now accelerating through life.

Making tough decisions, embracing and accepting the positives as well as the negatives they encounter along the way, and we, as parents, need to try our best to keep up with their pace.

How is it possible that they are tall enough to see over the steering wheel?

But I guess, our little ones are now steering their lives on the path they see fit.

Finding the road to travel along on their journey
and we, as parents, need to give them space to explore.

How is it possible that they mastered their left and right to use the directional signal?

Weren’t we just teaching them the trick of making the letter L with their left hand fingers?

But I guess, our little ones are masters in finding their direction, looking to those around them for guidance, taking pause, taking wrong turns, sometimes needing to turn around and embarking on a new path while reaching their end destination.

How is it possible that they are responsible enough to be in charge of a very large vehicle?

But I guess, our little ones are responsible since we, as parents, have shown them the gift of learning responsibility,respect for themselves, admiration for other’s lives and allowing them the strength and freedom to make good decisions.

How is it possible that these little ones of ours can now head out on the road and drive?

I guess it’s simple…

It’s because we, as parents, instilled in our little ones the love of exploration and adventure along with responsibility and respect.

We have provided them with the confidence to:

accelerate through life while taking time to slow down,

steer themselves, on a path that guides them, to their destination,

direct themselves in the direction they are drawn to go

and be responsible enough to confidently know they make good decisions.

But most importantly, they know the driveway which leads to home is always waiting for their return.

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