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Parenting needs a good dose of laughter.

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What's not to laugh about? As a first time mom of twins, I quickly discovered that the only way I can happily survive is with laughter (for the most part)... I was a bag of emotions (ok, I might still be at times) when I was first trying to figure out how to manage my new life with two babies. The best part is that I wasn't doing it alone and I wasn't trying to be perfect.

I'm aware that this time is short. Is it really worth getting upset when an entire box of tissue and a large bag of wipes have been simultaneously emptied and littered all over the floor in a matter of seconds? Or when your sweet little ones manage to break into the bathroom and soak themselves in toilet water? Or when you're just about to leave the house, and inexplainable drama ensues from your children, making your exit nearly impossible?



It's hard to ignore crying and tantrums but it might be easier with ear muffs, a highly caffeinated beverage and a good laugh... not the reaction a child might expect. I must add, first do your duty by trying to calm them down and figure out the source of the problem... then, when it's not that easy (which it usually isn't), give yourself a break and laugh at the drama. Oh, and don't forget to record that craziness too - making it easy to pull from the vault for graduation and marriage!

We put so much pressure on ourselves to teach, protect, prevent, and create but what we really need to do is relax, enjoy and laugh. Let them play with the laundry - does it really need to be folded? And those wipes and tissue all over the floor are definitely still good. The food (that should be in your child's stomach) makes for some great wall art - please take a picture of that!! They will eat when they're hungry and someday your walls and floors will be clean. Now, at this moment, as they learn and explore don't let it stress you out because you have to admit that it's pretty hilarious.


It's hard to think about now, but someday you just might be giving advice to your children about parenting. Best advice... Laugh it off and love your tiny ones as curious, mischievous, sassy and crazy as they are.

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