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Challenge: Life Changes

Wanted: Teen to English Translator

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I agreed to have babies not teenagers!

Here's what happens when #HashtagMoms try to hold a conversation using their teens' vocabulary.

When preparing for a newborn, parents read up on all the latest tips and advice to prepare to bring their baby home, knowing their lives will be changed forever. They bask in the cloud of baby powder and never see it coming ... the teenage invasion.

Teens spread like locusts, destroying your house and congregating near pantries because the fridge might require preparing a meal. You never actually see their faces, though they've gone to the light (of their phones).

If you manage to make contact with one of these creatures and get them to communicate, it's almost exclusively in hashtags and emojis! We need a "Teen to English" translator to figure out whether the phrases are good or bad. Please don't try to appear hip and use them yourself or you might end up saying you want to "get lit" (drunk or high) instead of "it will be lit" (fun)!

Just about the time you get the new vocabulary figured out, they've moved on to the next hipster slang or they bring back one of ours and act like they invented it!

Gag me with a spoon! AS IF! ... Just don't forget to #Dab.


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