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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Parenting & Executive job interview: Building your personal brand on LinkedIn

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To be a parent is not an easy task it take some skills to be a good parent. Most of the peoples didn’t prove to be a good parent either its mom or dad. For being a good parent it is very important to be the a learner first because become a good learner will help you to understand the necessities of your child and then you can fulfill those with ease and comfort.Your resume carries the first impression of you, but the game has changed now a bit. Many employers now use job websites to recruit potential candidates. That’s why your resume just not need to be good but it also should have certain kind of phrase and word due to which it can easily appear on the top in search engine result. Try to find an executive job by ordinary job search is one of the most difficult and time-consuming processes any job seeker wants to face. Well written and nicely formatted resume, well maintained LinkedIn writing, online marketing material, personal brand SEO, etc can put your name at the top and increase your chance to acquire more executive job interviews.

  • Mark your target and be a stalker
  • Do better SEO by targeting specific words and phrase
  • The Resume Building
  • Know Yourself: Personal Branding
  • You social media and be visible online

What you need to decide first is in which kind of job at what company you want. Stalk the company or organization with which you want to work with and gather as much as information possible to increase your chance of hiring. Without critical targeting, you cannot shape your resume or online marketing strategies. With a target in mind, you know that with whom you need to communicate, whose linked advice can give you vital information, what kind of skill set can make you best-fit for the job and how a company can be beneficial by hiring you. As aforementioned in the post, using a specific word and phrases in your resume can increase your chance to be spotted by many employers who seek a potential candidate on online job portals. ‘Mentioning specific keyword in your post’ can help your profile rank higher in the search results, giving it more visibility, thus increasing your chances.

Your resume should be a highly targeted executive. Your resume building should be customized in such a way that the employer does not feel like going through a labyrinth while reading it. It should clearly mention what you can offer the company and what type of skill set you possess as per the company’s needs.If you are targeting a certain company and think you as best-fit for the job, then you should be aware of your hard and soft skills that you can offer to the company. You need to recognize what kind of potential candidate that company is seeking for, whether you posses those skills or not. You need to put those details on display in your online profile and in your resume.


No recruiter will want to hire a candidate for whom they have little to zero information. Most of the recruiters will Google your name before bringing you in for the interview. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to be found online but there is also another social platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They want accurate information about you to back the claim that you have made in your resume and application. A well maintained social media profile and online visibility can boost up your chance to get the interview.

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