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What should I write in the "Achievements" section of the resume?

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What should I write in the "Achievements" section of the resume?

By posting his resume on the recruiting portal, the applicant counts on the fact that soon he will receive calls from employers. But it happens that this does not happen, and there are no invitations to interview, or very few. Obviously, the problem lies in the content of the resume - the candidate was not able to interest the recruiters.
Is humor relevant in the resume?

Nothing will make the recruiting manager laugh so much as reading some resumes. In the collection of - a lot of "pearls" from CV applicants. Someone makes their resume cheerful deliberately, others allow funny typos and stylistic inaccuracies inadvertently. However, are the jokes in the summary appropriate?
How to describe your key skills in a resume

Education, experience, job duties at the previous places of work - all these are integral parts of the resume. The correct CV is also impossible to imagine without specifying the key skills of a specialist. How to describe them, so that the employer has an irresistible desire to take you to work?

Certified professional with graphic design skills resume.

How to compose a cover letter

In Western countries, where the free labor market is much older than Russia, it is not accepted to send a resume to the employer without a cover letter: it is considered impolite. In Russia, the tradition of job search is still in development, so the attitude to cover letters is different.
How to describe work experience in a resume
Work experience - this is what the company first looks at when selecting an employee. How to describe your work path so that you are interested in the employer, read in the material Superjob.

In a person everything should be fine, or how to choose a photo for a resume
It is customary to show the goods on the market. And what about the labor market? Is it worth it to supply your resume with a photo? And if so, what should it be?

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