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Own Your Truth

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The Unexpected Message I Got From Jay-Z's 4:44

Over the last several weeks, the music and entertainment world have been talking about Jay-Z’s new album 4:44. Admittedly, I’m not someone who would run out and take a listen, and because I’m not a Tidal member, I didn’t. But, I was talking to a friend who was discussing the content of his songs so intently, I decided to give the lyrics a read. Yep, I read them.

I’m not surprised by the information Jay released. A response to some of his public and private stories. A follow up to Bey’s Lemonade perhaps. A confession? His lyrics resonated with me in one way in particular. As a life coach, I work every day with people who are in search of bigger and better. Whether that be in their relationships, their careers or their parenting. My clients want to find peace within themselves so they can share it with others. They want to create lives they love, fuel their passions and live without regret. They want to be present for their loved ones.

So much goes into what I do. It’s multi-faceted. I have the privilege of learning about other people’s loves, fears, regrets, dreams. I get to help them build a path for their future. The way to do that is by having them own their truth. It’s not easy to do. It can be painful and difficult. Raw and emotional. It’s usually the hardest part of the process.

We’ve all done things in our lives we might not be proud of. Events that we look back on where we could have acted differently. Words we said that we would’ve taken back the moment they left our mouths. None of us is innocent. It’s the way we address those times, whether it’s immediately in the moment or years later. Ultimately it’s admitting our own weakness and apologizing for our missteps.

That’s what I got out of this album. Truth. Jay put it all out there. Not only for himself, but for his mother, his business partners, his wife, his kids. Now, there are three sides to every story, right? So I’m taking this with a grain of salt. However, I have to say I appreciate where he’s coming from. I appreciate that he stood up and spoke his truth no matter what the consequence. It takes guts to do it, no matter who you are. In his case the world was watching. In the case of myself and my clients, it’s more private and intimate. Both are equally important.

Jay’s lyrics inspired me to make a list. A list of why owning your truth is significant. I’m sure if I sat here long enough, this list could be much longer. Add to it as you see fit. Take away some things that might not pertain to you. Create your own list. Here’s mine:

Own your truth. Because you’re a life partner. Because your person deserves it. Because it’s not easy. Because being vulnerable is a sign of strength, not weakness. Because you love and respect them. Because they are your greatest supporter and you are theirs. Because there are always bumps in the road. Because you believe deeply in your future together. Because you have chosen them to take the journey with you. Because you would not be whole without them.

Own your truth. Because you’re a parent. Because you want your children to look up to you. Because you want to teach them. Because you want them to be happy. Because you know they will have to experience doubt, hurt and struggle. Because you fear for their safety. Because your love for them is limitless. Because they watch every move you make. Because they are your joy. Because they are your reason for everything.

Own your truth. Because your legacy is important. Because your faith is strong. Because honesty is emotional. Because words can be hurtful. Because actions speak. Because image means nothing. Because authenticity is sexy. Because self esteem is empowering. Because generosity is inspiring. Because kindness is underrated. Because love prevails. Because adventure is exciting. Because accountability is required. Because your relationships depend on it.

Own your truth. Because YOU matter. Because perfection is overrated. Because success feeds on it. Because life is messy. Because anxiety is real. Because you're beautiful. Because stress can kill. Because honesty is the best policy. Because fear is dismaying. Because the world depends on it. Because it’s bigger than all of us. Because change is good. Because growth is empowering. Because health is essential. Because love is inspiring. Because truth is transforming. Because it’s your responsibility.


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