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Own Your Mommy Meltdown

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What is a mommy meltdown, you ask?

It’s sort of like a toddler tantrum, in grown-up form. Mommy meltdowns come in varying degrees (crying, shouting, crying and shouting) and can happen at the drop of a hat – much like the infamous, no-reason-whatsoever-explanation that constitutes a toddler tantrum.

I was seeing my Gynecologist last week for a routine checkup, when she took the liberty of parenting my hyper 4-year-old who was slamming the doors of medical cabinets and asking why “mama had to have her clothes off.”

She looked at me smiling and said, “The smarter they are, the more questions they’ll ask.” Her calming nature reassured me of two things I needed to be reminded of that day:

  1. Your kids are only little once – don’t let the little frustrations consume you.
  2. We’re allowed to show emotion.

I wasn’t even having a mom meltdown in that moment, or even on that day, but I became overwhelmed by her instinctive and kind nature to give me a hand that I started to cry.

She consoled me by recounting stories of when her teenage boys were young, and told me I didn’t have to be so brave. Damn doctors and their 6th sense!

I don’t particularly like the word “normal,” but that is precisely what mommy meltdowns are – normal. What I mean is, every mom has them and every mom hides them.

I’m here to tell you it’s important to embrace your melty meltdown by allowing it to come out – no matter if you’re on the train, at the grocery store, alone in your house, or spread eagle with your Gynecologist.




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