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Oracle Database Development

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A database is a software program which allows for storage and recovery of information on a hard drive file system or any other device. A record is a very important part of business. It is important to keep records of your customer and employees of your company. To keep the data individually is a very hectic task because whenever you need the records of any customer or employees then you need to search manually and it takes a lot of time. And at that time the concept of the database is used.

A relational database is a database that allows for more queries which generally use structured query language (SQL) also it use less CPU power and memory allocation. If you want to hold records in all hundreds or thousands then a smaller database system may be preferable.

The group of databases is presented to the function as a single logical database. Applications elastically scale to any level, on any stage, simply by adding extra databases to the group. Scaling up to thousands of databases is supported in the first release of Oracle Database collection of databases is presented to an application as a single logical Oracle database.

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2) is architecture for appropriate online transaction processing (OLTP) applications where data is horizontally divided across multiple discrete Oracle databases. It provides superior run-time performance and simpler life-cycle management compared to home-grown deployments that use a similar approach to scalability. It also provides the advantages of an enterprise RDBMS, including relational schema, SQL, and other programmatic interfaces, support for complex data types, online schema changes, multi-core scalability, advanced security, compression, high-availability, ACID properties, consistent reads, developer agility with JSON, and much more.

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