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Oh, the places you’ve nursed

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There once was a time,

where we hadn’t met.

There were visions in dreams

and a fun gender bet.

I couldn’t wait

until that one day,

I’d hold you in my arms,

“I love you”, I’d say.

And then there we were,

snuggled up close.

You started to nurse.

What I wanted most.

Weeks, months,

endless nights would pass by.

Bottles were attempted.

But none you would try.

So, there I was.

At the park, at the store.

My boobs were out.

You were hungry. I was sore.

In the car, at the airport,

and on the plane.

You would latch like a champ.

So, I wouldn’t complain.

You came with me

when I got my teeth cleaned.

You were there, on my lap.

Nowhere near weaned.

And when we had

to put down our cat Lou.

You needed to eat.

So, in the euthanasia room, I fed you.

During meals, Netflix binges,

and on holidays.

It was me and you kid,

the all-day Boob Buffet.

But yet, here we are.

You’re soon turning one.

Looking back now,

It’s amazing what we’ve done.

You’re healthy, you’re happy,

you are grown up.

And the best part, my love?

You now drink from a cup.

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