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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Nothing is worth more than your peace

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Hey mamas.

Nothing is worth more than your peace.

So if anything attacks that, attack it right back with your willingness to defend it, at all costs.

Nothing is worth more than your peace.

Not saying “yes” to something when you’re already overcommitted because you “feel bad.”

Not promising to bring in homebaked goods for the school bake sale when

1) you have no time to go to the store
2)or bake
3) and you don’t even enjoy cooking

just because it’ll “look bad” if you don’t deliver and you’re product isn’t Pinterest and Instagram-worthy.

Not taking on another project when you’re already only semi-successfully swimming in the ones you’ve got just because you want to appear as if you’re “Supermom.”

Not taking on an advocacy project when the only thing you're truly dying to advocate for at this very time is your time.

Not attending that social event everyone is going to be at and talk about when you’d rather be at home talking to no one about nothing because your kids drag you about and talk you out on the daily.

Not picking up that judgmental phone call you don’t want to answer from the person you don’t answer to.

Hey mamas.

I’ll say it again.

I’ll say it again for those of us

with a lot of kid noise going on,

or too much work noise

or the unhelpful, self-deprecating, undeserving noise we often subject our own selves to.


So if you can hold on to that,

like your life depends on it [‘cause it does],

you’ll be the richest woman in world.

Ain’t a damn thing more

in demand,


and treasured

than a calm heart.

Find and protect yours and surround yourself with people who encourage such a fierce defense.

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