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Challenge: Back to School

One last year...

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I'll need help.

I'll need LOTS of help.

I can't say I have any advice on school with my own kids. They are ages (almost 5) and 15 months. Next fall my oldest will start Kindergarten. So I will need other's to give me advice. I will need lots and lots of advice.

And time will pass quickly. Her first day of kindergarten will be here in 365 days. That's it. A mere 31,536,000 seconds. (I like that number better :)) My math is probably wrong. Crap. I really am going to suck at having a kid in school.

People say it will be no big deal for me - that I will be fully prepared because of our current situation.

It's not the same. I have already heard several times when talking to other moms about kindergarten that I have some kind of unfair advantage since I have taken my kids to day care every day. I work outside the home, so they have to go somewhere - and I do give in and say that the routine of getting up and having to be dressed to go somewhere will (hopefully) help me out when school begins. But the emotions are not the same. I cried when my kids started day care. I will cry when my kids start kindergarten. It is a milestone that tells me they are growing up and won't be my babies forever. Responsibilities change from day care to kindergarten. Mine and theirs.

My oldest will be the guinea pig. Her brother may have it a whole lot easier by the time he goes. Bless her - she's been the guinea pig her whole life. I guess all first kids are though.

I am not ready. Just like many others are feeling right now - I think the day will come much too fast. I won't be ready. She might be a little ready - mostly because she will have on new clothes and a new back pack full of fresh smelling school supplies (c'mon - everyone has to get excited over new, fresh supplies?? Just me? Okay fine - I was a nerd).

Advice, tips, sanity-savers. Whatever you got - I'll take. So from one pre-kindergarten mom to the next - I am here with you. Cherishing this last year. I'll be there - next year - on those kindergarten steps with my tissue in hand - crying over my sweet baby girl who should still be in sleepers and bibs. I'll see you there.

Here's to 2016 - where the Class of 2029 begins :)

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