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No, I Don't Love My Children The Same

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That's right I said it.

You always hear everyone say that all kids are different, but somehow for life to be fair everything has to be the same.

But it isn't.

I love my oldest for his strong sense of right and wrong. For his desire to help people. (And animals) For his love for running and all things moving. For how his love for his family is larger than capable for most kids his age. And how he laughs so freely it's contagious.

I love my middle child for his hilarious free spirit. How at the age of 3, his favorite song is We Will Rock You. How his jokes are genuinely funny to even adults. And how even though he's not a huge cuddler he is always sweet and thoughtful. His hugs will melt anyone's heart.

And my youngest. Although he's only 6 months old, he is so fun! He loves to be held and loved on, but he is so excited to see the world. I swear he's going to be a traveler when he gets old enough. He's quite the mover and already has a sweet personality.

So, no I don't love my children all the same. While they are all my 'favorite' to say I love them the same would be a disservice to their unique, wonderful personalities.

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