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Challenge: NICU Parenting

Our Journey with 3 Premature Babies

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Good Morning Everyone,

I have had experience twice with the NICU here at Henrico Doctors Hospital in Richmond VA. They are wonderful and without their help and the March of Dimes my grandbabies would not be here. God guided them to make the right decisions for my precious ones.

My first grandchild was a NICU baby. Weighing in at 3lbs. With acid reflex, hernia, and heart murmur I can say that now he is almost 7 and just finished his 2nd year at football. He has asthma which developed later his first year of life. If you looked at him know you would never know. He holds that front line in football pretty well. I am not going to lie that first year was rough. He caught everything even after coming home from the hospital. While in the NICU it was a roller coaster. You had really good days and you had really bad days. He is a fighter and it shows everyday of his life. He does not let anything stand in his way. He plays football, which he loves. He studies more than others to keep on track because of development but he keeps on pushing and I can not be any prouder of him. He is very strong will and that helps him get through the tough times.

Now for his sisters. He has twin sisters that were born on Aug. 2nd of this year. They are also NICU babies weighing in at 1lb each. They were just released to come home on Halloween. They also have hernias and are on monitors. The same nurses and doctors that took care of my oldest grandson also took care of the girls. Some of the nurses joked that they were family nurses and doctors. They also had bad days and good days. When your babies are in the NICU it is always hard but you pray and you let the little ones know that they can do it. We know that this year will be rough for the twins but they will make it through just like their big brother did.

For those going through this, just know that the babies are strong and they will come through it stronger than ever. Maybe a little head strong but that is ok. The NICU and March of Dime , their support is wonderful and I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. Without their help and prayers my wonderful grandbabies would not be here. My oldest grandson was born around Christmas, so each year we bake cookies and go to the hospital to give to his family at the NICU. They get to see him and spend time with him. He loves it and they do too.

Keep your prayers strong and just know this is a bump in the road.

Much Love,


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