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Nature Therapy for ADHD

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As a parent, what is the process you go through before deciding that medication is needed for your child?

After recently doing some research about ADHD and nature therapy, I wanted to share some of my findings and see what others had to say.

Some quick facts:

  • Dr. Gabor Mate says; ADHD is due to our society and human developmental environment that causes short circuits in neurological pathways. Resulting in low dopamine levels in the prefrontal cortex.
  • Neroplasticity: We have this ability to create new brain circuits late into life. This topic gave me the most hope that ADHD circuits may be able to be rewired.

So it seems logical to me to turn to natural treatments before medication. Albeit... it will most likely by a slow and bumpy journey to rewire the brain naturally.

The most common natural remedies for ADHD that I found included:

  • Sleep – Restores the mind and body
  • Get Organized & Simplify – Organization helps harmonize the mind
  • Nutrition – Keeping blood sugar even is key
  • Physical Exercise – Optimizes brain chemicals with vigorous daily exercise
  • Nature Therapy – Helps bring peace, unity, and tranquility in the mind (I'm a bit biased here as I love water features and think everyone should build a pond)
  • Creative Expression – Gets you into flow states, and boosts self-esteem
  • Meditation and Mindfulness – Spiritual practice is essential to self-treatment of ADHD. Meditation helps weaken ingrained neurological responses

Studies seemed to show that any activity you can do, that is outdoors with lots of movement seems to help the brain more than indoor activity.

With those building blocks in place. The next step is to look at the environment the child is in.

Without going too far into the weeds here... I will say that I feel that as a society we have strayed from developing and promoting lifestyles for healthy child development.

I feel like C. G. Jung gave the best advice here:

  • Live in small communities
  • Work less (not easy, but with lifestyle changes.. it's possible. Early retirement is a dream of mine)
  • Have a plot of land to cultivate so natural instincts come back to life (there is also nothing more nutritious than produce freshly picked)
  • Minimize technology

This would help provide a child with more real connection and less ADHD forming brain circuit development.

What's your thoughts? Have you tried any natural ADHD remedies and had any success?

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