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Challenge: My Dad Hero

My son's Papa, my Dad, everyone's hero

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Growing up in a large family, you would think that sometimes with a gaggle of siblings that one or more inevitably gets left out or feels lonely. That was NEVER the case with my Dad.

I have two brothers, and a sister. I got diagnosed with a chronic illness at the tender age of 11. And even with all my siblings, and my being sick, with Daddy constantly working, he still found time for us all. Never did he miss a practice, a game, a school play, in fact he coached us all at one point. I remember watching him and my Mamma walk back and forth between four fields when we all had a baseball game at the same time.

Daddy did something so profound for me as a child: He never let me feel pity or feel sorry for myself because I was sick. And he knows something about it; he had a workplace accident and almost lost his left hand. Thankfully it was saved. And within months he was back to work. He always drove me to try harder, push myself further, never ever quit. There were a lot of tears after games when I was so sore I couldn't stand. There was a lot of him holding my hair while I got sick after chemo. There was even more, "Sara Renee you get your ass up and try. No one who made it in life did it without falling down and trying again."

I have never respected and admired another person more in my life. All the things he did for me he did for all my siblings. He carried himself in a manner that only an 'old school military man' could. With honor, and dignity, with a code of morals that are incredibly rare in today's society. And that was just how he was with us, my siblings and me. When the grandkids came along, (my brothers, sister, and I each have one precious little one), he became an even better man. Honestly I didn't think it was possible, but it is.

We could not ask for a better Father, Grandfather, and role model in all our lives. He is our base, our core. And I would be lost in this life without him. I love you, Daddy. Happy Father's Day!

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