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My Pandemic Story with My Childs

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When the cases of Corona virus (COVID-19) are reported by WHO in 135 countries, lives of millions of people have been impacted. As we see the larger ratio constitutes of people including younger, kids and old. Undoubtedly, it expand exponentially. Did cases of Corona virus make you think of your children? Did different questions and concerns hit your mind? Did you think how poor people survive? Did you think how their loved ones react when one of their family members tested positive? Of course, it is hard to survive in this pandemic while taking care of your children. Here, I am sharing my pandemic story with my Childs.

When government announced that school and colleges would remain closed due to Corona virus pandemic, I start worried about my current situations. My son was out of city. I called him to come earlier. When I called him, he whispered, “Mom, everything will be right soon and I am safe”. My daughter came from her college due to outbreak of Corona virus. When I saw both of them, to some extent, I become satisfied. Corona virus pandemic has created a biggest challenge in history on this planet. It was really a difficult for me and my children to do lasting the social activities. However, as a responsible parent, I encourage and try to engage my children in indoor activities. I did my best to possibly change this traumatic situation into constructive learning and coping experience. I tried to promote knowledge and emotional strength. I tried my best to convey them the importance of being stay at home and isolate themselves. I tried my best to aware them of the disaster of Corona virus, because it was my responsibility to do so. I taught my children how they can take care of themselves. As a common citizen, I am afraid too because day by day I hear the cases that are reported and people died. But, as a parent I have to be strong because I know, if I get panic, my children will be. I said my children to keep in their mind the precautions. In order to engage themselves in healthy activities and coping with this difficult time, I suggested them to do some activities and also I would suggest other parents to be available for them.

  • Let your children know you will be there for them. Try to manage time for them in order to participating in activities with them.
  • I tell my child my story of small business loan. How i take the loan and become success full businessman and father.
  • They have a great opportunity to know the values of caring each other and serve for the community.
  • They may have a lot of engagements. Watch movies, play board games and having a meal together.
  • Do not forget to maintain your own calm. In order to take care of themselves, you need to take care of yourself.
  • Aware your children and teach them to serve for community in all possible ways.

I rooted a question in my children’s mind that is, “how amazing it would be for a scientist to discover the vaccine for this illness”. This is how they can think scientifically.

Me along with my children reach to the hospital for Corona virus test. We all tested negative. Every individual can cope up with this by following government instruction and don’t forget to isolate yourself.

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