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Challenge: Class of 2020

Nothing could have prepared our kids for this

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Our kids have never been tested in the way they are being tested right now, as they, alongside not just Americans of all ages, but varied-aged humans all over the world, face this novel virus and global pandemic.

There was no lecture on this.

No song about it.

No PowerPoint to pay attention to.

No acronym to memorize.

They didn't introduce it in circle time.

There was no seminar on it.

There were no preparatory discussions.

There were no CliffNotes to skim.

They didnt bring home worksheets on it.

There was no "How to survive a pandemic FOR DUMMIES" they could have purchased.

There was no study guide to review.

There was no small group analysis of it.

There was no glossary of terms to make things more clear.

There weren't even at-home discusions about it as they sat at the dinner table.

Absolutely ZERO could have prepared (or did prepare) our children for what they are living through now and how they must live through it.

Without their friends.

With only their immediate family.

Separated from the activities that fulfill them.

Separated from the classrooms that help grow them.

Distanced from the teachers who love them.

Missing the life they've been so purposefully creating.

Feeling scared,







Nothing prepared them, because nothing prepared us.

We're commonfolk adults, their parents, and we were, and continue to be, just as blindsighted by the presence, speed and intensity of Covid-19.

But these children, today's youth, our kids, they are fudgin' passing the test, however you grade 'em.

They're adapting.

They're remaining pliable.

They're finding motivation somewhere and are staying inpired while inspiring those who are raising them.

They are using humor.

They are supporting eachother.

They are helping their parents.

They are still working hard for their teachers.

They are keeping good spirits.

They are raising the spirits of others.

They are zooming,


and video learning


And, speaking of bosses, any would be lucky as hell to get a member of the class of 2020 on their team.

When those kids' senior year was cut short and their graduations were canceled, they didn't just cry and complain about it.

No, they cried, complained, but then pulled themselves together in such a graceful, composed way we older folk are less familiar with, and found ways to celebrate their accomplishments and that of their peers.

They really banded together as if to say, "Not today, Covid," deciding and asserting that though a pandemic could, did and will continue to cause them a disruption, it can’t beat them, ‘cause they’re gonna bear it and beat it with their perseverance and unwavering will to not just survive, but thrive.

I don’t know about you, but my kids, even at their young ages of eight, six and four, have exemplified an emotional toughness,

a softness of heart,


and the kind of positive energy you’d suspect would have been wiped from them when their sense of normalcy was so unexpectedly taken.

Children are amazing, resilient humans and when we think or talk about the heroes of 2020, we need to be sure we are including them in that list.

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