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Challenge: Follow Your Dreams

My Methods to Encourage My Kids to Follow the Dreams

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Raising even one kid is a very important and difficult task. The difficulty redouble when having two or more kids. There would surely appear multiple conflict situations, which would require quick and proper solutions. Each parent tries to deal with these problems in various ways.

One of the most crucial moments for me is teaching my children how to follow their dreams. I strongly believe that it is able to help all parents because it makes children self-confident. They began to understand all the problems and necessities of this life a bit clearer. This positively contributes to the relationships between kids and parents. Therefore, I always encourage my little ones to follow their dreams.

As for me, the main thing each parent should always do is to talk with his or her children. Have a dialogue with your kids anytime there is a possibility. Even when you are walking, you should keep talking. They are very attentive and absorb each of your words and actions. They mimic everything that the grown-ups do. I am a mom of two kids and I know exactly what I am talking about.

Oftentimes, we may notice that children are in some inner conflict with themselves. It might seem they are stuck in between their childhood and a desire to become an adult. I think that if they have a definite dream, life aim, they will be able to overcome such difficulty. Due to that belief, I encourage them to follow their dreams.

When a kid reaches one dream, he or she would appoint another one and would try to reach it as well. This would make them a bit older, more confident, skillful and responsible.

I try to maintain the dreams of my children in different ways. Each of them is pretty good but would not last forever.

The first thing I always do is sharing my own dreams with my children. Talk with your little ones about what you love and prefer. Explain to them why you love this or that thing or activity. Then tell how you are going to reach the dream. It is also good to make them looking for the friends who have the same views and dreams. At times, these may be even adults.

After that, I spend the time to work on my dream. It shows my children how determined I am and do I undertake to reach the desired goal. When a kid sees his mommy or daddy involved in this process and ho happy they feel about that, the kid wishes to feel the same impressions.

The next step I undertake is a talk about their own passions and dreams. Encourage all those things they adore the most. Of course, some of those may seem ridiculous and have no sense. However, you should never forget that there is a little kid in front of you and not an adult person. Respect your children.

You should create an atmosphere of freedom as well. They have to feel that they are free to discover and explore. Children would not like any form of restrictions. If they wish to seek hidden treasures in a local park, encourage them and take part in this adventure together with them. Talking from my own experience, such situations bring the grown-ups a great pleasure as well. For a little while, you return to your own childhood. This is a nice feeling.

Do not force them doing something they don’t like. There are things we really love doing. They bring us great pleasure and we become much happier if some other people join us. When your kid is interested in painting as you, it doubles the pleasant feelings you receive. Nevertheless, consider the preferences of your kids. Probably, they are not as enthusiastic about painting as you are. Consider their wishes and never make them do something out of their interest.

Teach them to be dedicated to their dreams. There are many examples when people could not reach their goals due to little passion. Teach your kids that enthusiasm and dedication to the favorite doing are their best helpers.

Hopefully, you will find my methods useful and they will really help you and your kids.

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