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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means husbands and children alike are scrambling to think of the most thoughtful and creative gifts around. Mothers are as selfless as they come. We put everyone’s needs before our own, which is what makes Mother’s Day so special. It’s the one day where we are shown appreciation for all that we and all that we do. So, in an effort to help men and kids everywhere, I’ve compiled a list of gifts that are sure to melt your mom’s heart.

Gifts from Dad


This one is an oldie but a goodie. Most women love receiving flowers but there are some great ways to take this traditional gift and kick it up a notch. Try sending them to her place of work. Nothing makes a woman feel more special than receiving a special something at work, in front of all of her coworkers. It shows how much she’s loved at home. Or try creating a unique bouquet that includes some of her favorite flowers and colors. Choosing your wedding flowers, if you remember what they are, will get you major brownie points.

Plan a Day of Pampering

Since mothers never rest and they don’t often treat themselves to things, planning a spa day for the mother of your children is a great gift idea. Arrange everything from a relaxing massage or facial to a manicure and pedicure. Pick the date, time, and location. All she needs to do is show up. Offer to take care of the kids or any other obligations that might prevent her from making it to the appointment. Your forethought and planning will just be an added bonus to hours of relaxation and pampering for mom.

Draw Her a Bubble Bath

If mom doesn’t enjoy other people touching or massaging her, drawing a warm, peaceful bubble bath in the comfort of your own home is a great alternative. Once the kids are in bed and the house is relatively quiet, surprise her with a warm and inviting bath. Dim the lights in the bathroom and add flameless (or regular) candles. Play soft music or an artist or station your wife particularly enjoys. Pair the evening with a bottle of mom’s favorite wine or other beverage and a yummy treat like chocolate covered strawberries. Offer to either keep her company or leave her by herself. Moms don’t often get time alone to simply relax. For the evening, you’re on kid-duty!

Gifts from Kids

A mom’s favorite gift is most often from her children. They always put so much love and thought into their gifts. I swear, my girls love giving me gifts more than they like receiving them sometimes. So here are some ways to make mom’s gift extra special from the kids. And this is where homemade is always better!


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But homemade jewelry from our little ones is even better. Depending on the child’s age and skill set, choose materials that they can easily work with. Large beads and twine or string are great for children of any age. They can use beads of different colors and shapes. Choose things that are mom’s favorite like flowers, butterflies, or stars. You can even incorporate beads that have letters on them and spell things out like her name or “I love you”. Another fun idea is to purchase large, round wooden beads and decorate each one as a member of the family. Paint them with the correct color hair and eyes. Place these beads on a beautiful ribbon. Mom is sure to love her “family” bracelet. If you want to splurge, you can purchase a charm bracelet and incorporate her favorite things, like the ones made by Pandora and Alex and Ani.


Mom needs candles for her bubble bath, right? So why not personalize them? This project is easy and inexpensive. Buy candles in scents that mom loves. Try sticking with lighter colored candles (white, tan, etc.) - they’ll work best for this project. Choose pillar candles or ones that are not in jars. You’ll need to wax exposed. Once you’ve chosen the candles, have a variety of paint colors available. Help your child carve a design, words, or pictures into the wax. Once your child is done decorating the candle, paint over the design with the colors of your choice. Wipe excess paint off using a wet, warm paper towel and voila! You have a personalized candle in mom’s favorite scent. She’s sure to think of you every time she uses it.

Garden Rocks

This is another inexpensive, easy, and creative gift for mothers, especially ones who love to garden and spend time outside. Take some time to collect smooth, flat rocks of different shapes and sizes. Once you’ve collected a few, sit down with some paint and paint brushes and get decorating. Kids can write inspirational words and quotes across the rocks or decorate them to resemble animals, flowers, or anything bright and colorful. The rocks are easy to incorporate into any garden area or even along a walkway or footpath in front of your home. If mom works in an office, a decorated rock makes a great paper weight, too! You can create a “pet” rock by adding fun accessories like googly eyes or even yarn for hair.

Think About Mom

Even with the most innovative and unique gift ideas around, only one thing really matters when it comes to choosing the best one for the special woman in your life. What is it that the mom in your life would appreciate? If she enjoys outdoor sports and activities, try planning a family picnic or hike. If she loves technology, maybe a personalized mouse pad, tablet case, or movie reel of your favorite family photos or videos will leave her in tears (happy tears, of course). When it comes to any kind of gift giving and especially Mother’s Day, think about the who mom is as a woman and that should give you great insight to the perfect gift.

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