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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife

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It can be difficult to shop for mothers. What should you get for the woman who literally gifted you or your children with life? My wife, like many mom’s, usually asks for something handmade and from the heart, but it may not be that easy. You may be a busy dad who still wants to get the mother of your children something truly amazing. Of course, even if you are working on a budget or don’t feel particularly crafty, you can still give the mothers in your life something they won’t forget.


What mom doesn’t love a relaxing evening in? All the mothers I know spend the majority of their free time making sure the family is taken care of. Organizing toys and play dates, making sure everyone eats at least one healthy, balanced meal, or even paying the bills can consume a mother’s me-time. So, really, one of the best gift you could give her is time to herself, symbolized by a warm and comforting candle. Whether she’s relaxing with a bath, or kicking back and enjoying a good book, you can be sure that a nice scented candle will be an amazing way to help her take some time off. Fortunately, if you have pets or little ones, or just like to avoid worrying about the flame, there are plenty of faux-flame candle options that use LED lights instead. Sometimes, these even double as decor if they’re super fancy.

DIY Mother’s Survival Kit

Some of my wife’s favorite gifts over the years have been ones she can use everyday, like lotions, perfumes, or even tea. If the mother in your life loves tea or coffee, combine an assortment of k-cups or sample coffee packets with some sugar cookies she can enjoy with it. Alternatively, get her some of her favorite candies and a great bottle of wine (or two). This may seem a bit impersonal at first glance, but try wrapping it all together in a gift box or wicker basket to create an incredibly personal DIY survival kit. Finish it all off with a personalized coffee mug she can use everyday or even a personalized wine glass.


Relaxing Bath Accessories

Sometimes, the best thing after a long day of chasing the kids or working an equally stressful job is a nice bath. With bubble-bath, bath salts, or even one of those bath bombs everyone is raving about these days could all make great gifts for a busy mom. Pair it with a luxurious towel or robe, and give her some well-earned R&R. Citrus or lavender scented bath bombs and salts are ideal for that calming effect that will carry her through the week.

Breakfast in Bed

This is one of the most classic Mother’s Day moves, almost to the point that it borders on being a cliche, but it certainly didn’t get that way for no reason. Mothers face immediate stress right from the point when they first wake up, so why not take a bit of the edge off by letting her know that you’ve not only handled a special breakfast for her but have also handled it for the rest of the family? If you want to make it even more personal and creative than that, don’t hesitate to liven up the presentation with some paper flowers or even decorated china. She’ll notice and is sure to love it. Serve it all up on a nice wooden or aluminum tray (which she can keep and use at dinners and events).

A Spa Day

If your pockets are deep enough, you can be sure that the mother in your life would love a weekend spa retreat. For the rest of us, however, booking a full-blown spa retreat might be financially out of the question. Fear not, she will love a DIY spa package just as much, and it’s easier to put together than you can imagine. Get some body scrub or deep face cleanser to help her relax and rejuvenate her skin. If you want to get very creative with it, heart-shaped soap bars drive the message of love and appreciation home.

Reminders of Memories

Sure it’s nice to get something practical, but keep in mind that mom’s appreciate something of sentimental value just as much! To make a DIY scrapbook, you’ve already accumulated everything you need over the years. Put one together with all of the pictures that you can find of you, her, and all the kids, and personalize it even more with hand-binding. You could even add physical trinkets that have meaning to both of you, as well as customizing the cover. If you’re like me and have no artistic ability, you could go with a fancy personalized photo album with the family name on it. Either way, this is one gift that’s sure to bring a tear to her eye and immortalize the memories you’ve shared over the years!


Table Settings

Moms always love things that can compliment the dining area, and love them even more if they’re personalized. Even if you’re a complete novice when it comes to sewing, it’s easy to put together party napkins with simple designs. Don’t worry about making them perfect, because the imperfections will be the thing she loves most. She’s used to seeing professionally generated table settings, and honestly, if it looks a little sloppy, she’s only bound to find it more charming.


Remember that fun little button with your sports picture that your mom used to wear to all of your games? Well, there a tons of slightly more modern (and trendy) versions of this that would be perfect for a modern mom. Get her a locket and fill it with a picture of yourself or your children. Alternatively, find her something more subtle that will remind her everyday that she is a great mom, like a personalized sterling silver necklace or ring that has everyone’s birthstones in it -- whatever fits her style and lets her know she is appreciated.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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