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Challenge: Open Discussion

Motherhood during a pandemic be like...

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I don't want to get up.
What time is it?
If I get up now, I'll have a few minutes alone.
But I'm so tired.
But, I could do some yoga or exercise.
Okay, I'll get up.
What's this?
Why am I wet?
She peed in the bed.
And it's all over me.
I'll change.
Now I've got to change her and get her back down.
Please go to sleep.
Okay, she's down.
I kinda wanna lay back down.
No. Get up.
Start the coffee.
Some exercising.
I'm awake-is now.
I hear them.
They're up.
They're talking.
Please don't come down yet.
I love you, but I love me too, and I need another minute.
I can't believe they aren't fighting.
Oh, wait. There it is.
Now they are fighting.
There's the gate.
Here they come.
What's for breakfast?
Can we watch a show?
Mom, Can I have some tea?
What's the plan today?
Can I eat something different?
I don't want that.
I don't want to go on a morning walk.
She's taking my scooter.
I'm tired.
I'm hungry.
Can I have something else to eat?
Why do I have to do school work?
I want to watch TV.
Oh my gosh, this mess.
The laundry, I forgot about the laundry.
Are we gonna run out of toilet paper?
Mom, the dog pooped on the floor!
Mom, I need my computer charger, it's dying!
I can't get into Zoom.
Can I have something to drink?
Can I have something to eat?
Why is this room such a mess?
You have to stop letting the kids eat in here.
We need to do a better job of making the kids pick up after themselves.
News Alert: CDC recommends you wear a mask whenever you leave your house.
Why am I gonna cry?
I need to eat something.
I better eat healthily 'cause I can't get to the gym these days.
Sure, you can eat what I made for me, darling girl.
Whose screaming?
Why are you whining?
Did you finish your work?
What's burning?
The dinner! I forgot it was in the oven.
What am doing?
What should I be doing?
Mommy will you play with me?
It's time for everybody to go to bed.
What can I eat?
Wine or tea?
Oh hello, pile of laundry on the dining room table that doubles as our classroom, I can't wait to see you in the morning.

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