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Challenge: Follow Your Dreams

Motherhood. Contradicting Yourself & Confusing Those You Love

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Contradicting yourself & confusing those you love.

"You're unstoppable."

That's what I tell you.

That's what I want you to grow up knowing, understanding and believing; that no one and nothing can get in the way of you living the life of your dreams.

"You can't stop me!"

That's what your shirt says.

And, why would I want to?

Why would I ever want to get in your way and be an obstacle you must deal with?

Why would I seemingly prevent you from getting where you desire to be?

So, why then do I, multiple times a day, every day, command for you to "Stop!"

Stop crying!

Stop whining!

Stop doing whatever ridiculous thing you are doing that causing mommy's meltdown!

Just stop!

Stop being you.

Stop doing you.

Oh yeah, and be perfect, stop acting your age (and human) and no more mistakes, ok?"

I mean, the fact is, you must act accordingly and be what I need you to be because that is what is convenient for me.

How flippin' hypocritical of me?!

But, do you know what I've come to believe?

That parenting and motherhood force you to contradict yourself AND confuse those you love (and heck, even yourself).

You're unstoppable, but I need you to "stop" when I ask because I'm trying to keep you safe (and stay sane).

I can't stop you from being who you were put on this Earth to be or from who you want to be AND I DON'T WANT TO. I merely want to stop you from ever putting yourself in a situation where you will get hurt, physically or emotionally.

"Stop crying," I tell you, not because tears make you weak, but because I believe one of the most effective ways to get through life and thrive is by using gratitude and humor to divert yourself from wallowing in sadness.

"Stop whining" I practically beg because I know how ineffective whimpers are no matter your age.

But --

stop being you or stop doing the things that bring you joy only because they are inconvenient for me and make my days a bit more challenging

-- NO.


Don't ever forget that you are unstoppable and here's your permission slip to STOP listening to me if ever I lose my marbles and lead you to believe otherwise.

Unstoppable is what you are.

Unstoppable is my love for you.

Unstoppable is the grand contribution you are making to this world by simply being in it.

Unstoppable is the combination we are together if I accept you as you are, and you do the same for me, despite all my motherhood-induced contradictions.

I love you, my child.

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