Parents, you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

Challenge: WHO Are You?


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Fourteen years of mom experience, six kids ages four through fourteen and one strong friendship. We’ve loved these past years being home with our kids and our “jobs” as moms— but we realized we wanted MORE! So after spending months and months of back and forth, brainstorming and knowing we needed just the right idea — an idea to fill a niche — we were ready to make the leap — a leap that would make us moms… and more. It’s been fun, challenging, exciting but certainly not easy! Who are we? You asked, we’re answering! Hopefully some of these answers will inspire you on your own journey.


Who are you?

We’re Beth and Patti — two moms who founded “The Pickup Line” — a daily newsletter for moms. Our "past lives" in the news and media business gave us the know-how to create this daily newsfeed delivered while moms wait on the dreaded pickup line. And while we may spend a chunk of our day writing about the latest change in Washington D.C., what’s hot on Netflix or how to protect kids from today’s tech dangers, the bottom line is we’re still moms, juggling play dates, PTO meetings and a new business. And, as much as we love it, this balancing act is hard!

What do you want to become?

Good question. We’re kind of happy with where we are — moms with past careers and a blossoming new one — goals are important but it’s also important to enjoy where you are right now and not to let your goals get in the way of celebrating what you’ve already achieved— it’s not about getting to the next level but being happy on the one you’re on. Do we want our business to get bigger? Absolutely, but we’re both loving the journey that’s taking us there. Every goal reached, no matter how small, should be celebrated — preferably with rosé :)

How are you grounded and happy as a parent while making sure your own personal identity shines forth?

It’s very easy to lose yourself in the calendar that is your children’s schedules — games, lessons, plays, playdates. These are all important but don’t forget YOUR calendar — it’s all about balance. And your calendar is just as important as theirs. The last time we flashed back to the 80’s our parents were definitely not spending their entire weekend watching every single kids’ activity. Spread the wealth — YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO TO EVERY GAME! Finding time for you, your spouse, your friendships, your job and your kids is all part of the balancing act.


What do we love?

Our kids. Our pets. Our husbands. Not necessarily in that order! Reading late at night in bed when everyone else is sleeping. Spring break, summer vacation and delayed openings! Our readers. The opportunity we have to do this. The hours we spend writing every day. Oh, and can we say rosé again?

What do we hope and dream?

That we can continue to reach more and more moms and keep them connected during the few moments of free time they have before their own “rush hour.” But even more important — that our children learn about ambition and hard work by watching us work, fail and succeed while we have fun doing what we love. It’s hard to balance it all — we’ve had days publishing everywhere from a pumpkin patch to a pediatrician’s office and been derailed by burst pipes and broken bones — but thanks to teamwork and a fabulous backup partner — it all gets done. Phew!

For more information and to sign up for The Pickup Line, visit us at Cheers! Beth & Patti


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