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Challenge: Walking the Talk

Mompreneurs: How Moms Balance Business and Parenting

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Part-time, flexitime, job sharing—now, parents have so much more to prefer from than the usual 9 to 5. But even with our new-found flexibility, balancing work with family life successfully is still a real challenge. For moms and dads!

Which is why more parents are transforming the way they think about work once they rise a family. And they’re keeping something completely unusual: self-employment.

Surprised? Actually, you might not be. The odds are, you’ve already purchased from a mom-led business, you know a self-employed mom, or you’re now one yourself. Because our amount of female businesspeople has increased by 114% related to this time 20 years ago. Yup—we’re being in the time of the mompreneur!

One thing’s for certain: the mompreneur is one of the most exciting and resourceful founders out there. But what specifically makes self-employment so charming to mothers?

Moms are multitaskers

When it appears to balancing their accounts payable with their pay-per-click—Moms are way ahead of the bow. But what makes moms such real small-business owners? Very simply, many of the experiences that new founders take ages to master have been part of a mother’s toolkit since—well, since you were born:

  • Great time management
  • The patience of a saint
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • A “hands-on” intellect
  • The information that you’re able of more than you thought possible

The businessperson of today—goodbye, clichés!

Then, who is the “foundress of today”? If you imagine a steely-eyed business-woman in a pantsuit—this might shock you.

The truth is, that today’s tiny business founders are as diverse as culture itself. Authors are everyone from yoga instructors to start-up owners, from house improvement gurus to beauticians.

For many ladies, once they have kids to think about, work matures less about trying a classic career path and more about having flexibility. By working self-employed, mom’s have the right to choose their kids and their career.

Beginning a business when your child goes to school

If you’re a mom, then planning and time control is already part of your routine. Managing your time and your kids is a full-time job, notably in the early years. But then comes the turning-point that each mom I know learns—the day your little lovers start school or kindergarten! Giving you with at least half a day, child-free. Ahhh… So it’s no wonder that, on common, moms launch their own companies when their first child becomes 6 years old.

This is when most mothers regain (at least a bit of) their available time. And on average, mother’s start their company formations at around 37 years old. But this is just an average. The bottom line is that everyone gets the whole time to bring their idea to life.

Why do mompreneurs begin?

Of course, there’s no one purpose why moms go out on their own. But for three out of four female founders, supporting family life with their career is up there .

But are mothers really that various from other founders? Apart from having pointed their ability to multitask, their hacks are essentially the same: they set up their business to grow an idea, to become financially free, and maybe even to improve the world! :-)

What do mompreneurs work as?

Lots of mompreneurs work in service enterprises, like healthcare and education. With many beginning their own hairdressing or beauty showrooms.

But as a mompreneur, you’ve got a massive selection of jobs—of course, these will depend on what facilities and training you have.

The family entrepreneur

As rural as it sounds, being able to set your own operation hours to fit with family life does come with its disadvantages. Plenty of founders end up giving up fun or sacrificing their vacation time so they can give enough energy to their profession and family.

Mompreneurs—you are the most exciting self-starters we know! You believe in yourselves because you know what you’re capable of. You don’t take between your children and your aspirations—you do it all! In fact, you’ve made most of it before the rest of us have our socks on. We adore you, and your unusual projects, big and small. Thanks for allowing us be a part of your trip!

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