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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Messy motherhood

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“I totally failed today,” I said through tears to my husband. “I felt like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. The house is a mess. We hardly did our homework. Why is there always a huge pile of crap on the stairs that NOONE brings up? I need a maid JUST for folding laundry. What KIND of mystical people actually get to the steps of folding it and putting away? Where do they live? We need disposable clothes for the children and disposable underwear for you too, while we’re at it! Why do I clean when y’all still LIVE here? What is the point? Tell me…WHAT is THE POINT?!”

Oh Mama’s…the struggle is real! There are some days where we can totally rock the multitasking super mom role and some days where even a chef, maid and magical fairies couldn’t help us keep our act together!

You know what? That is okay! I promise you that there is not a SINGLE one of your yoga doing, Pinterest worthy birthday party throwing, organic snack feeding, no dark circles under their eyes Mama’s that have it together ALL the time.

We all have days where we are so tired from being up all night with a sick kiddo or teething babies, that Netflix has to ask us, “Keep Watching?” Yes Netflix…thanks for checking and making me feel bad. We are still watching episode #25 of Boss Baby!

Every Mom has a day…or every day of the week that she lives in sweats and hides when someone rings her doorbell, lest someone she knows sees her looking like she hasn’t showered in three days. Maybe she hasn’t…don’t judge!

Each Mother around the world has days where they feel like they’ve blown it. We think that the one time we gave our kids goldfish instead of Annie’s naturally colored and flavored GMO-free bunny crackers is what’s gonna cause them to revolt against all healthy food and set the pattern for their dietary habits when they’re in their 30’s!

We are so hard on ourselves, Mama’s. We worry about what people will think of our mess, of our missteps, of our mistakes…but we ALL make them.

You are a GOOD Mom. You adore your children, even if you haven’t gotten to bathe the third one in a few days and maybe febreezed his clothes as he went out the door! You love that teething baby, even if you wish there was a dye free, all natural permanently numbing form of orajel for those long nights! You clothe them every single day, to include multiple outfit changes…who do they think they are, celebrities? Who do you think is going to keep up with your 5 outfit changes a day, little Suzie?! You keep them fed the best you can and you added a piece of fruit with that bag of goldfish, dang it! Dried fruit…okay it was raisins…chocolate covered ones!

Point is, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. Some days you have to just smile and survive. Some days you will gloriously thrive and others you will need every ounce of grace the good Lord gave you. Guess what your kids will remember?

They’ll remember that you loved them like there was no tomorrow, that you cuddled up next to them on that couch, after 2.5 hours of sleep and desperately tried to follow along with the ridiculous plot of Boss Baby. They’ll remember that when they cried in the middle of the night, because their tummy hurt or their toothies were coming in-you were right there or that you were the fun mommy who decided it was perfectly acceptable to wear their swim shorts all day…in public…because that was the last article of clothing in their drawer!

Give yourself a break Mom or hire a chef, maid and fairy so that you can take one for real!

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