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Challenge: Summer Fun

They may not remember this summer, but I will

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Four years ago my idea of a perfect summer day was sleeping in, brunch somewhere trendy and the rest of my waking hours spent reading a good book relaxing by the pool with my husband. Ah, that was the dream. Until we had kids. Summer days with our three-year-old daughter, Annie, and 18-month-old son, Ollie, are the opposite of relaxing but the magic I find in the crazy of each day is something I wish I could bottle up and sell.

They’re at the magic age where they’re happiest with their family, always ready for whatever adventure we come up with for the moment. Annie wakes up asking “What are we doing today?” and Ollie’s favorite word is “Go,” and if we allowed them to live outside, they would. I’m embracing every bit of FUN this season has to offer and savoring the golden moments with the exhausting (looking at you: teething), as I’m painfully aware these summers with our babies are flying by at rapid speed.

It’s the simple things I have come to love the most that I know I’ll miss…

I love swimming with the kiddos, playing mermaids with Annie and watching Ollie cheer for his daddy when he jumps off the diving board. I love when Ollie wants a snack so we sit on the side and share Goldfish while he cozies up in my lap.

I love eating lunch with them at their little toddler table, being a hero because I make the best pb&j sandwiches (according to Annie) and always have plenty of strawberries and blueberries on hand for sides.

I love when Annie helps me water our little vegetable garden, commenting on how “God made our vegetables grow,” as Ollie picks up handfuls of dirt and throws it up like confetti.

I love the play dates with friends, at the pool or one of our houses, when the kiddos play nearby and we mamas talk Gilmore Girls speed to fit in all the catching up before inevitably one of the kids needs another snack.

I love the quiet of the house during their sacred nap time, when I have the sweet assurance they’ll be sleeping soundly for a couple hours so I can recharge.

I love using my daughter’s love of snow cones as an excuse to get a sno cone 2-3 times a week. I love watching the joy on her face when she eats the first spoonful.

I love our after-dinner walks, either just the four of us or with my parents, too, with the kids in the double stroller. Annie always puts on a show for the neighbors, singing some Disney tune at the top of her lungs while I get the chance to actually talk to my husband.

I love grilling out at my parent’s house down the street, playing corn hole in the yard while the kids run around the backyard, barefoot and smiling, only stopping for another sip of Nana’s lemonade.

It’s impossible to freeze time, sure, but I’m so thankful for the longer, slower days that give us the chance to make lasting memories. Our babies may not remember this summer but I know I’ll carry these precious days in my heart forever and naturally, I’ve got plenty of pictures to show them when they’re older.

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