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Life and it’s fascinating ways

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Life is fascinating…

This girl, on the outside, showed the world she was filled with confidence but on the inside questioned every little decision.

This girl may have sparkled in her prom dress but she wondered how she was going to sparkle and make a difference, as so many pieces felt missing and out of place.

This girl knew she was emotionally strong but most days felt she was crumbling into a million pieces.

This girl was honest with others but often didn’t look at herself through the same lens or feed herself thoughts of honesty and love.

You see friends,
Life truly is fascinating…

We all have strengths and weaknesses.

Days filled with pure bliss and days filled with turmoil.

Stories to share and some to hold deep within our soul.

Life truly is fascinating…

We all want a hand to hold but also a decent amount of space.

We all want to love but often push love away.

We all want to sparkle but often dull our shine.

Life truly is fascinating…

But one thing this girl learned along her path is the ebb and flow of life can be breathtakingly beautiful.

It can change courses and teach us lessons, guide us through our days of doubts and bring us towards the light.

Stepping out of the sparkly prom dress didn’t mean my sparkle on the outside had to dim, rather I had to allow my inner soul to radiate on its own.

I just had to be true to myself and allow my inner self to shine.

Allow myself to shine…

Wow! That’s scary!
But really friends, it’s not…
it’s enlightening and uplifting and freeing!

Trust me, I would have never thought the girl in the photo would muster up the courage. She always stood back, finding her spot of comfort, rather than going outside of her comfort zone.

That same girl would have never allowed transparency to seep in…

But one day she did.
And that’s all it takes.

One day…
One day to recognize and hold on tightly to the truth.

my sparkle didn’t need to dim.
my sparkle didn’t need any assistance.
my sparkle simply needed me to believe.

All of those doubts, deep in my core, were lifted when I embraced, loved and accepted myself.
My true self.

Not who other people wanted me to be.
Not the mold we are warped into believing we should fit into.
But creating the path which worked for me.
My life.
My funny life filled with ups and downs.
Laughter and tears.
Pain and elation.
My life.

So friends, don’t be fooled sometimes by the outside sparkle, anyone can attain that.

Those who truly shine are the ones sparkling from the inside out and not asking anyone else to dull their shine but rather banding together to shine brighter for the world to see.

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